20 profitable jobs to become rich and prosperous

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While not all millionaires have a conventional path, some professions pay much better than others.
When starting your studies, or starting professional retraining, it is not always easy to know in which direction to go.

To help you choose your best orientation, discover our top 20 profitable professions to become rich and prosperous!

What does “job you'd like to look” really mean?

Wealth is a concept that everyone thinks they know while struggling to define it. Before you start looking for work, to get rich, Have to start by knowing what you are talking about exactly.

Like almost any notion, fortune is something relative. It depends on each person's aspirations, on the standard of living to which he has been accustomed and the one he wishes to achieve.

Many, many trades allow you to earn a lot of money. But a big salary is not the only factor to consider.

To select the professions presented in this top 20, here are the criteria that we have retained:

  • Professions from various fields;
  • A relatively high average salary;
  • The possibility of becoming self-employed;
  • Scalable compensation
  • Growth sectors with assured demand.

The salaries used correspond to the average observed in France and can be much higher if you choose to set up on your own. They are listed in ascending order.

1-Web designer

The web professions are a mine of opportunity and that of web designers is only at the beginning of its expansion. A specialist in Internet programming languages ​​and graphics, this professional is both technical and creative.

He faces the difficult task of creating the greatest website possible for his clientele. A task that is far from simple, because it is necessary to take into account the needs of the company, the expectations of the users, and the technical constraints.

Average salary: € 2,500 for an employee

2-SEO Consultant

In the Internet jungle, search engines rule the day, with the giant Google in the lead. Their powerful algorithms determine the ranking of sites to offer the consumer the answer deemed most relevant.

The SEO consultant is a specialist in the requirements of Google robots and others. He employs strategies to assist his clients in rising up the ranks of Page results from a search engine. His skills are invaluable because without visibility, no sales.

Average salary: € 2,700 as a freelancer


A manual professional may surprise by this list of 20 professions to get rich. However, plumbing is such a profitable job that many people are considering retraining.

The reasons for this success are simple: high demand and difficulty in finding qualified professionals. To make maximum profit, it is essential to set up on your own.

Average salary: € 2,800 in his own account


If the medical professions are known to be real cash machines, little is thought about the complementary branches. They are, however, very lucrative. The profession of physiotherapists is an excellent example.

In agreement with the doctor, it helps relieve muscle and joint pain in patients. He also practices functional rehabilitation. While it is possible to practice as an employee, the most profitable way to get rich is to have your own practice.

Average salary: € 2,800 in his own account


The profession of architecture is one of those very profitable professions which open up many perspectives. Responsible for designing buildings and supervising their construction, this professional has heavy responsibilities.

If those who work in existing structures are already earning a good living, some have become real stars that everyone is tearing off, like Philippe Prost. Arrived at this level, which is quite possible by dint of work, here is your assured fortune.

Average salary: € 3,000 for an employee


The omnipresence of IT in our daily life makes the job of developers a job to get rich for sure.

Expert in one or more programming languages, the so-called programmer designs software. It is also capable of ensuring their updating and maintenance.

If the IT giants are ready to pull out the checkbook to attract talent, freelancers are the best earners.

Average salary: € 3,000 for a worker


In a society in which increasingly more human beings are going via intervals of indistinct souls, the workplaces of psychologists are constantly full. The role of this listening ear is to help those who are faced with a difficult situation or a deeper discomfort to move on.

Unlike the psychiatrist, he is not a doctor. As a result, he does not prescribe drugs and does not treat mental illnesses as such. The studies are shorter and the level more accessible, which helps to make it an interesting career choice.

Average salary: € 3,300 in his own account

8-Wealth management advisor

It's not just the IT industry that pays. Careers in finance are an excellent springboard for getting rich. Being a wealth management consultant has many advantages.

In addition to a comfortable salary, even as an employee, it allows for meeting successful people and learning from their careers. If your customers are satisfied, you will quickly build an address book to set up your account.

Average salary: € 3,500 for an employee

9-Commercial director

The position of a sales manager is one of the most popular and important in a company. It is he who has the heavy responsibility of enforcing the commercial policy of his company. He takes care of both team management and customer relations.

If this job provides an already comfortable salary at the start of a career, a sales manager who has proven himself can easily multiply this figure and perceive many advantages.

Average salary: € 4,000


Engineering is a get-rich-doing job that offers interesting opportunities because it can be practiced in many fields. There are engineers in building, mechanics, computer science, aeronautics, etc.

Whatever his sector, the role of this highly qualified professional is to look at complex problems to find a solution. A true expert in his branch, he participates in the design of products or systems. He can work as an employee or as an independent consultant.

Average salary: € 4,300 for an employee


The profession of a veterinarian is known to be very lucrative. A well-deserved remuneration since the studies necessary to be able to exercise is among the most difficult in France. To earn more, or out of interest, it is possible to specialize in a particular branch: NAC, cardiology, behavior, etc.

This particular job also requires a great deal of passion and a real love for animals. Otherwise, dissatisfied customers will quickly tarnish your reputation, especially since information circulates quickly on the Internet.

Average salary: € 4,500 in his own account


The banking profession is subject to many fantasies. Even though most of them are not millionaires (at least in France), this is still a great opportunity to make a lot of money.

If you really want to make a fortune, look to investment banks instead. The salary is more attractive and the bonuses are numerous. This position can become a springboard to starting your own business once your address book is full.

Average salary: € 5,000 for an employee


An actuary is a profession to get rich unknown to the general public. This is a shame because behind this not very sexy name, hides a very lucrative activity.

The actuary is an insurance professional. The role of this technician with in-depth knowledge is to assess the risks to be covered and to draw up the various contracts offered by the company that employs him. He must determine a price that is both attractive for the customer and profitable for the company.

Average salary: € 5,500 for an employee


The medical professions are known to be profitable and dentists are no exception. It has an excellent study time/income ratio because the training required is shorter than that of a doctor for a very similar salary.

If it is possible to practice in a hospital structure, it is in private practice that you must focus on to make a fortune.

Average salary: € 6,000 in liberal


Another inexhaustible source of fantasies: is the profession of trader. In France, we are far from the excesses of Wall Street widely highlighted by the cinema. However, even if our traders do not earn several million each year, their salary remains comfortable.

More than fixed compensation, it is the various bonuses and other commissions that make the profession so attractive. To maximize your earnings, you can set up on your own or start your own business once you have acquired the experience.

Average salary: € 6,000 for an employee


A pillar of our legal system, the lawyer is an increasingly essential player in social life. Our relationships are becoming more judicial. Disputes between individuals frequently end in court, and businesses need to secure their backs.

The lawyer is responsible for advising his clients and defending their interests. He also represents them when they are parties to a conflict. To earn much cash as possible possible possible, it is in your interest to specialize in a specific field.

Average salary: € 6,700 in his own account


Whether general practitioner or specialist, the profession of a doctor is undoubtedly one of those who pay the most! The studies are long, difficult, and trying, but the rewards are worth the effort invested.

The remuneration varies quite strongly depending on the specialty chosen. For example, a general practitioner receives around € 6,000 and an anesthetist often exceeds € 10,000. The figure put forward here corresponds to an average. Once again, specialization is the key to profitability.

Average salary: € 9,000 in his own account

18-Director of Marketing

The position of Marketing Director is one of the most popular and significant for a company. Its role is to define its marketing strategy. It is therefore largely on its performance that sales depend.

In close collaboration with the sales manager, he must ensure that the latter leads the action on the ground in the right direction, and be accountable to his superiors.

19-Airline pilot

 The prestige of the job is not the only reason for its appeal.

This demanding and risky job allows you to earn a substantial salary. However, competition is fierce and the sector tends to saturate, especially in France.

Average salary: € 13,000 for an employee


Are you looking for the ultimate profession to become rich and prosperous? The one that will allow you to become fully financially independent and take charge of your future? Then this is the entrepreneurial one for you.

Setting up a business and establishing your own business isn't for everyone. But stopping selling your time for money is the best way to make a fortune.

To be successful, you need to have a special frame of mind and a vision. You shouldn't be driven by the desire for a substantial chunk of money, but by the desire to bring a lot of value to others. If you discover a way to do it, abundance will follow.

Potential salary: unlimited

This list of 20 professions to get rich and prosperous can serve as an inspiration if you are unsure of your career choice. The most crucial factor is to understand what makes one job better paid than others. Indeed, we find points common to all the professions on this list:

  • the difficulty of access,
  • cutting-edge expertise,
  • high added value,
  • a significant personal investment.

Whatever activity you want to exercise, whether salaried or self-employed, if it meets these criteria your fortune is insured. 

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