20 small ideas for profitable businesses 1,000 euros and more per month

start a blog to earn money

Are you interested in getting out of paid employment and being your own boss, or are you looking for a solution to develop an additional income?

There are many business opportunities available to everyone, lest we be ready to execute the task needed and be tenacious.

To assist you in obtaining started, here are 20 small business ideas to earn $ 1,000 and more per monthThey are based on markets that are currently in high demand. 

1-Start as a self-employed graphic designer

With the rise of visual communication, your abilities as a designer of graphics are worth gold. To make yourself known, think of social networks and platforms dedicated to freelancers. Be persistent and cultivate your style. Once you've proven yourself, your order book will never be empty!

2-Become a freelance web editor

Web copywriting is another booming web profession. Copywriters able to provide SEO (Google's site ranking algorithm) optimized articles are in particular demand. Marketing and story-telling specialists, called copywriters, are also guaranteed to have a large following. Articles are billed per word, which means that this small business idea can save you $ 1,000 per month if you are good at it.

3- Create websites

Another idea for ​​a small, promising business: is the creation of websites. Starting a self-employed graphic designer is an excellent opportunity to make comfortable earnings, provided you create quality sites. A very large number of companies are ready to put their hand in their wallet to afford this essential digital showcase.

4-Open a bricothèque

Do-it-yourself is an activity in constant development, but to equip itself at a non-negligible cost. Drills, jigsaws, and other devices are around a hundred euros for a quality model. An investment that Many people are unable to afford, especially since these tools are only used a few times a year.

To allow everyone to DIY without breaking the bank, start a small DIY equipment rental business! Whether it works with a subscription system or a daily rental, your bricothèque should quickly find its audience, especially if it offers additional services such as the provision of tutorials.

5-Set up an automobile rental firm between individuals

This idea of ​​a small business is particularly suited to large cities where more and more city dwellers do not own a car, either by choice or by obligation. The principle is simple: buy used cars at low prices (while still making sure that they are in good working order) and offer them for rental via dedicated websites, such as the giant Drivy. By offering vehicles adapted to the city, well maintained, and by taking good care of yourself and customer service, you should quickly recoup your investment.

6- Become a house or apartment hunter

Many people want to buy or rent real estate, but don't have the time to fully devote themselves to find that rare gem. This is where the good hunter comes in. After having drawn up the portrait of the ideal accommodation with his client, he scans the ads and crisscrosses the neighborhood in search of the ideal accommodation, for a fee. A small business idea that can quickly pay off if you are resourceful by nature.

7-Set up coaching or consulting business

If you are an expert in a field that corresponds to a deep need, you can enter the consulting market or become a coach. With the rise of personal development, life coaches are particularly popular. Sports coaches are not left out either. Finding love is a timeless concern, so the dating market provides many opportunities. Finally, with growing ecological awareness, zero waste and sustainable development consultants will find clients in businesses and individuals alike.

8-Become a private teacher

Do you master one or more knowledge? You can work as a private tutor! The tutoring courses and the preparation for the exams are excellent breeding grounds for clients, moreover at a time when many market giants are criticized for their lack of professionalism and the absence of, personalization in their courses. Stand out by offering a quality service, truly focused on the level and needs, of each student.

9-Build a dating website for a niche

It is not only coaching in seduction to take advantage of the market for the search for a soul mate. Dating sites are also on the rise. To weigh in against the behemoths of love online, you can create a site that caters to a specific niche. You can, for example, target a social background, a passion, or any other common point specific to your future prospects.

10-Start a garment alteration company.

Sewing has no secrets for you? In this case, you have everything necessary to create a clothing alteration service. To make a difference, it's your choice to find an innovative idea: collection and delivery of clothes at home, personalization or work of technical fabrics, the possibilities are numerous. If you can sew entire pieces, why not offer your designs to your customers as well?

11-Become a handyman

An idea for a small business that is riding the trend of jobbing: becoming a handyman or a handyman. Many individuals need skilled people to do odd jobs: assembling furniture, making minor repairs, painting, maintaining the garden, etc. If you have several strings to your bow, get started in the field of multi-services. Many specialized platforms will facilitate the connection with your future customers.

12-Offer moving services

Professional movers charge prices that are often out of reach for individuals, moreover, in times of crisis. These companies also disdain small-volume transport, which is less profitable for them. If you are the holder of a driver's license, fit and equipped with a utility, offer your moving services to individuals. This activity is booming, it's time to get started!

13-Set up a hairdressing business at home

This idea of ​​a small business is not for everyone, it requires having a hairdressing diploma, under penalty of accumulating unhappy customers. If this is your case, be aware that in-home hairdressing services are in high demand.

Appreciated because they save time and prove to be more economical than service in a beauty shop, attract a varied and loyal clientele if they are satisfied. Do not hesitate to canvass as much as possible to build up a customer base. Word of mouth then does its work. Also, consider social media to promote your work.

14-Create a home beauty care service

In the same vein as hairdressing, home beauty care businesses have a bright future ahead of them. Hair removal, manicures, false nails, or skin care, many people prefer to be pampered at home rather than having to go to a specialized institute.

Here again, to provide quality work, it is necessary to have adequate training for the type of activity chosen. If this is not your original job, know that there are training courses for adults over relatively short periods.

15-Create a concierge service

In the register of personal services, the concierge occupies a special place. The concierge's role is simple: to make life easier for his clients by taking care of the little everyday things for them for which they don't have time.

Bring clothes to the laundromat, book a train ticket, buy a bouquet of flowers for your mother-in-law's birthday the same evening or book a restaurant table, the missions are as varied as the profile of the clients. To distinguish oneself from the competition, you can also choose to target a specific sector, for example by creating a luxury concierge, with high-end service.

16-Become an Airbnb rental manager

For many homeowners who list accommodations on Airbnb, managing rentals is a tedious job. Answering emails, checking availability, and taking care of the logistics between rentals can quickly prove to be time-consuming, especially when dealing with multiple listings. Never mind: create a small business that will take care of these responsibilities for them. You can offer several formulas ranging from the management of reservations on the site to a premium service including arrivals and departures of tenants, as well as cleaning and restocking of accommodation.

17- Offer a home-staging service

It is a good suggestion to stage your home. popular discipline that is a mixture of decoration and interior optimization. If you possess a strong sense of organization and an artistic flair, this area is a good idea for a small business to start.

The clientele of home-staging specialists is varied: owners seeking to make their accommodation attractive for sale or rental, people wishing to organize their space as best as possible, etc. The invoice depends on the amount and the nature of the service. To make yourself known, social networks, Instagram and Pinterest in particular will be your best assets!

18-Organize collective workshops

Do you have a special talent, such as painting, crafts, or cooking? Consider organizing group lessons. In these workshops or students from various walks of life meet for a few hours around their passion and are greatly appreciated for their conviviality. A good idea that makes learning more enjoyable. If your accommodation can accommodate a couple dozen people, this is ideal. Otherwise, you will need to find suitable premises to rent and take this charge into account in your pricing.

19-Canvassing for companies

Hire telemarketers at a cost to businesses, which some SMEs cannot afford. Offer them to save money by canvassing for them as a freelance! This business requires little initial investment since everything is done over the phone and your customers provide you with their own list of prospects. However, he asks to be comfortable orally and to have the textiles for sale, to convert as many calls as possible.

20-Repair smartphones

If our smartphones are dear to us for the services they provide to us, they are dear to our wallets in the case of replacing them. To keep them as long as possible, many people turn to repair in the event of a breakdown.

As the prices charged by the big brands are prohibitive (sometimes higher than the replacement of the device), they then turn to independent repairers. Are you a DIY whiz and the guts of phones hold no secrets for you? It is time to get started in this business which is not about to experience a crisis!

With these 20 small business ideas to earn $ 1,000 a month and more, you have all the cards in your hand to start a company. Starting a commercial enterprise is a long way from being as hard because it appears and it's miles a maximum profitable human adventure.

Now it's up to you to take the first step towards your independence by taking action. Surround yourself with individuals who will be by your side and give it your all to reach your objective without giving up. The results will exceed your expectations!

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