Three important factors to consider while starting a blog


start a blog to earn money

Creating a blog that was very popular between 2010 and 2015 took a great deal of time and effort. Popular by many American influencers, it is possible to monetize a site and make a living...but the rules have changed.

In fact: A few years ago, competition on search engines was less:

However, it was difficult to get started because there were not all the web marketing tools that we currently know about. Despite this, since there were fewer players in the market, the chances of success were higher.

Today, it is crucial to know the new nuts and bolts to build a profitable blog. To achieve this, you will discover 3 keys that will make your blog successful tomorrow…

1. Choose a (very) good blog theme

Before any creations, it is imperative to question the subject of your blog. Its theme must correspond to the balance between your desires, your knowledge, and your skills.

If the topic of your blog makes you vibrate and you have real expertise in it, then it is in your best interest to start your blog today ...

Why? The reason is simple: the more passionate you are about a subject, the more motivated you will be over time.

The best themes to create a successful blog are located in 4 pillars:

  • Health.
  • Love.
  • Money.
  • Recreation.

First, health blogging topics work well. There are numerous requirements in this area. For example, if you've been through a stressful time in the past and have gained some experience in coping with it, then why not head over to a stress management blog?

Then there's love, which has been a hot issue in blogging for quite some time. The first profitable blogs were in the niches of seduction for men and women. Once again, when there is a real need, it is because there is a potential market.

The sinews of war for 4-5 years: the theme of money or “make money”. If you have expertise in website monetization, customer acquisition, and affiliation ...then this theme has a double advantage:

● Increasingly strong demand.

● Higher pricing than in other themes (due to the ROI).

However, you should know that this main subject is more and more competitive.

Finally, leisure is part of the hardest theme to monetize. It will take some educational time for the prospect to bring out a problem.

Here is a list of some under-exploited hobby niches that would make great successful blogs:

● Kayak fishing.

● Sailing.

● Surfing.

● Golf.

● Computer programming.

The big advantage of this theme is the level of passion, often higher than in other themes.

Now here is the essential key to making your website profitable ...

2. Create a (great) offer on your blog

Once you've found the topic and niche for your blog, you'll need to create something to help people within your topic.

● Individual coaching.

● Digital books.

● Online training (video / audio).

The first option is the easiest and quickest to set up, because you will simply be trading your time for your client's time and money. Thus, you solve the problems that it encounters in a personalized way.

The second is one of the oldest, but really effective in monetizing a site.

This consists of writing a simple PDF of several dozen pages on a subject of your theme. Inside, you give your best advice to achieve the result your prospect wants.

The last option is the most successful, profitable and scalable. In fact, you just have to create the training once, and host it on an online tool like Systeme io, ClickFunnels, or Podia. Marketing and traffic do the rest. Just like the digital book, the purpose of online training is to help your customers in-depth.

Start by analyzing the needs of your audience by sending them a survey. Then, create your product according to their deep needs ...

3. Acquire (good) traffic to your blog

You have now chosen the subject of your online business as well as your offer. Now, what does it take? Traffic! It is the oxygen of your blog. Without it, your site is just a sealed showcase.

So, you need visitors, but not just any. You need targeted traffic. Choose keywords in your theme, and write optimized articles on them. For example in the topic of stress management, certain keywords can bring you traffic if you produce quality content on them:

● “Natural anxiolytic”.

● “Nocturnal anguish”.

● “Relax”.

● Etc.

You can choose your own theme, you can use online tools like Ubersuggest, SEMRush, or Yoda Insight.

When you want to start a successful blog, you should always be looking to improve your SEO on Google. SEO is an efficient and inexpensive source of traffic compared to advertising. You should therefore always strive to learn more about SEO and traffic acquisition.

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