50 Crazy Business Ideas That Make Money!

start a blog to earn money

When You'll need to make an enterprise, it isn't always usually clean to pick a project.
There are many possibilities and we are afraid of making a mistake by launching a non-profitable business.
To mild up your lantern, right here are 50 established enterprise thoughts for making money!

What is a good profitable business idea?

For a business to function over time, it must be based on a good idea of ​​a profitable business. You still have to know how to differentiate a real opportunity from a bad deal.
To enable you to earn money, your business must correspond to strong and lasting demand or be located in a market destined to grow. Otherwise, your customer base will quickly run out.

Any successful business also requires skills. No one is going to pay you if you don't bring value to it that cannot be obtained without bringing in a third party. The ideas presented in this article, therefore, require know-how. But being a business leader also means knowing how to train and surround yourself with the right people to succeed.

100% online business ideas
The advent of The internet has become available. up many opportunities for doing business. Here are 25 ways to become your own boss without having to invest in expensive infrastructure.

1-Aspire to work as a web designer.

With the growing expansion of the web launching as a self-employed web designer is a business of the future. If you build quality sites it can become very profitable and you can be sure that you won't run out of customers.

2-Develop mobile applications

the utilization of smartphones has exploded in recent years to the point that these computers have dethroned the good old desktop PC among many users. The mobile application market is growing. experiencing flourishing growth, which is a great opportunity to be seized.

3-Set up a subscription software business

The subscription system is one of the most popular and profitable business models. The software giants have understood this well since it gradually dethrones the purchase of classic licenses. If you know how to program or can acquire the rights to a program, selling it that way is going to pay you big.

4-Be a freelance developer

True experts in programming languages and developers are among the most desirable professions. 

5-Control servers from afar

Remote managed services are increasingly popular with the advancement of clouds and dematerialization. They can become even more lucrative when sold as subscriptions.

6-Create a remote computer repair service

Many people find themselves helpless when their computer has a problem. Remote computer troubleshooting services make it easy and quick to resolve many outages.

7-Coaching by Skype

Whether it's business, personal development, or leisure, coaching is flourishing in many areas. New modes of communication like Skype allow you to limit travel costs while optimizing your time.

8-Become a community manager

Being present and active on social networks has become essential for any company concerned with its development. They are looking for professionals capable of animating a community for them and who are ready to pay dearly for it.

9-set up as an SEO consultant

On the web, visibility is the sinews of war. Getting a place on the first search engine result page is considered the jealously guarded Holy Grail by Google and its famous algorithm. SEO consultants, also called SEOs, play a key role with their clients by offering them strategies that improve their position.

10-Create a niche dating site

With the increase in the number of singles, the dating market is doing well. To succeed in standing out from industry giants like Meetic, the best strategy is to bet on a site that targets a very specific category.

11-Become a cyber security consultant

Data security is a major issue of our time. If you have skills in this area your business is not going to be idle!

12-Coaching on the use of social networks

Rather than calling on a community manager, some companies and many self-employed workers wish to train themselves to run their accounts themselves. Offer them your services to support them in this task.

13-develop a digital strategy agency

In business as elsewhere, unity is strength. Instead of offering a single service to companies, join forces with other entrepreneurs with complementary skills to create a digital strategy agency capable of offering complete turnkey solutions.

14-Edit videos

The rise of YouTube and video in general shows that the trend is towards communication through images. Professional assembly is a very popular and particularly profitable service. A good niche to seize if the audiovisual sector has no secrets for you!

15-Be a voiceover

This activity is often overlooked and it is a shame because your voice can earn you money. The voiceovers or dubbing actors perform a variety of services. It can be to comment on a report, to make speak a cartoon character, or to be the French voice of a foreign actor.

16-Make service arbitration

Another little-known business idea, but very profitable: service arbitrage. The principle is simple. It is about buying a given service from a service provider (a blog article for example) and reselling it at a higher price to a customer. The difference takes the place of remuneration.

17-Become a professional corrector

Whether they are web editors, freelance writers, or students, many people need professional proofreading. If you have perfect spelling, a keen eye, and love to read this business is for you.

18-Set up a translation company

A lot of interesting content is only accessible in a foreign language. The demand for quality translation services is high, especially as many companies want to reach an international clientele. If you master one or more other languages ​​a bright future awaits you.

19-Open a niche online store

E-commerce is still part of profitable business ideas, including dropshipping, as long as you get it right. Niche research and market research are crucial steps, as is the choice of supplier and products. If you invest yourself fully in your project and your initial investment is sufficient, you can create a lasting business.

20-Sell your e-books on the net

Contrary to what is said on the net, the sale of e-books is far from having had its last word. Obviously, you won't get rich overnight with this type of business. But it can give you good passive income if you produce quality books with effective marketing.

21-Monetize your blog

Creating a blog is always a good business idea in 2020-2021, provided you know how to monetize it. To set oneself distinct from the crowd, it is more than ever necessary to bet on quality content intended for an audience that you know by heart.

22-Sell online training

Infoprenariat is also still on the rise. The controversies surrounding certain dream sellers have not succeeded in damaging the image of online training. If you have real skills to pass on and a strong sense of pedagogy, this is an interesting avenue to get started.

23-Offer a service providing virtual assistance

Many self-employed people as well as some small businesses have a busy schedule but cannot hire an employee to manage it. Virtual assistant services are therefore in high demand and can pay off big if the job is done right.

24-Become a freelance graphic designer

In the era of communication through images, the profession of a graphic designer is more than ever on the rise. A simple and inexpensive business idea to launch since it only requires a computer and the specialized software that any enthusiast uses.

25-learn to make websites

The profession of web editor is one of those with a bright future ahead of them because the need for quality content is only growing with the perpetual expansion of the Internet. If you like to write, have a spirit of synthesis, and have impeccable spelling, you will easily find your first clients!
Offline business ideas
The Internet wave does not mean the death of traditional societies, however. If all digital isn't your thing, check out these 25 traditional business ideas. The initial capital required is greater, but profitability is there.

26-An activity service for single people

As to which we are linked the whole world, more and more people find themselves isolated in real life. Offering and organizing weekly activities for those who are hungry for authentic social relationships is a business idea with a future.

27-Be a freelance photographer

Are you a pro photographer? Your passion can earn you quite a bit of money if you start as an independent photographer. From fashion shoots to event coverage, it's up to you to specialize in the area that best suits your style.

28-Organize themed workshops

Whether it's cooking, home cosmetics, or creative hobbies, themed workshops are increasingly popular, especially in large cities.

29-Open a mobile grocery store

This business idea is intended for those who live in rural areas. It makes it possible to do business while creating an essential service for many inhabitants in remote areas.

30-Create a franchise

Whatever its field of application, creating a franchise is an excellent accelerator of wealth.

31-Set up a home help business

Personal services are still in high demand. Housekeeping, ironing, babysitting, or helping the elderly If you get started in this sector, your small business will not experience a crisis.

32-Rent cars

car sharing between individuals has become a very lucrative business. Buying a fleet of used cars and renting them on specialized platforms can quickly become a full-fledged job with an interesting income.

33-Open a bulk store

Faced with the ecological emergency we are facing, It is critical to adopt a less polluting lifestyle. Greener and cheaper, bulk stores have it all, including the assurance of a bright future.

34-Create a clothing alteration store

Fashion is one of the sectors impacted by sustainable development. Instead of replacing a garment, it's time to repair it. Your tailoring skills can be the start of a successful business.

35-Open a thrift shop

Still, in the spirit of the two previous business ideas, you can start establishing a secondhand store. The success of applications like Vinted is far from having marked the end of physical stores which represent a complementary offer.

36-Repair smartphones

Repairing a smartphone without a brand store is often as expensive as replacing the device. With the right training and a little equipment, you can offer a mobile repair service at an attractive price.

37-Become a private teacher

In terms of business ideas, private lessons are among the safe values, especially for school subjects and IT.

38-Set up as an apartment hunter

To facilitate the search for a property to buy, many individuals choose to delegate this task to an agent called an apartment hunter. The real estate market provides excellent earning opportunities., especially if you live in a city.

39-Create an agency for the sale of cars among individuals

Peer-to-peer car sales agencies are a kind of consignment shop where those who wish to part with their car can offer it to drivers looking for a good opportunity.

40-Open a neighborhood concierge

This kind of Business is a good thing. idea if you live in town. They are teeming with people in a hurry, ready to reach into their wallets to be relieved of minor daily tasks such as a return trip to the dry cleaners or a last-minute purchase.

41-Set up a car wash that does not use water

This innovative service has been met with great success. As it is no longer necessary to have a washing gantry, the investment is minimal and the washing can be carried out where the customer desires it.

42-Install a self-service laundry

Another great classic of profitable business ideas: laundromats. This type of business requires, of course, a significant initial investment, but it then turns without you having to be present on the spot.

43-Become a home chef

If you have cooking skills, this option is more accessible and cheaper than opening a restaurant.

44-Create an organic meal delivery service

While the home meal delivery offer is vast, organic is still lagging behind in the market. However, many people would like to be able to order healthy and balanced meals.

45-Install as a coach

Coaching is a business that is still successful, especially in the field of sports. If you like to contact, that you are a pedagogue, benevolent and you have the skill to share, do not hesitate to go for it.

46-Being a public writer

Contrary to popular belief, public writing is far from a bygone profession. This specialist in writing and administrative issues is always in demand.

47-Become an independent accountant

Accountancy is essential for businesses, but many SMEs and the self-employed cannot afford to hire one full-time. Freelancing in this profession is a very lucrative choice.

48-Start an anti-waste restaurant

Unlike the all-you-can-eat restaurant models, anti-waste restaurants practice original pricing to avoid having their customers leave part of their meals. Prices are set by weight. So, everyone pays according to their appetite. An innovative concept that is already working very well outside our borders.

49-Create a coworking space

With the increase in the number of independent workers, coworking spaces are always full. To stand out from the competition, do not hesitate to provide extra services such as sports or snacks.

50-Open a bar on time

Another concept that is all the rage abroad: is the bar on time. The principle is simple. The customer pays a price corresponding to one hour during which he can take as many drinks as he wishes on a selection of drinks (non-alcoholic). For example 5 € with tea. As it is rare to be able to drink liters of coffee, the operation remains profitable and the customer has the impression of getting a good deal.
With these 50 money-making business concepts, you have something to find inspiration for your future business. Whatever your profile, you are bound to find the one that matches your tastes. 

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