7 persuasion techniques to better influence your prospects

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Selling, irrespective of what product you're selling, is an artwork in its personal right. The selling approach creates a prospect to purchase something that solves a hassle they may be having.

But it is also managing to create a need in the prospect which will cause a compulsive purchase.

Achieving this goal requires a good understanding of the target prospect and the development of a well-crafted sales strategy.

So, how do you persuade a potential customer to buy your product? 

st technical persuasion: Know your product

Knowing your product is the first step in being able to sell. 

- Be able to identify your customer avatar with precision. This is a process that absolutely shouldn't be half-done or overlooked because it identifies exactly the arguments that will convince them to buy your product.

-Prepare yourself for the various objections related to the product itself. Indeed, if the prospect asks questions, and is informed, it is that he is potentially interested in your product. He may, for some reason, be less interested and make you feel it. Knowing your product and its value (not just financial) will allow you to overcome its objections so that the prospect has no more doubts.

and technical persuasion: Do not try to sell

It's a fairly simple mental persuasion technique that involves arousing the prospect's curiosity about your product.

This technique allows you to no longer be in the position of a salesperson, a position that makes you the requester in this situation and which can make more than one nervous and sabotage a potential sale.

When you don't have this sales position, when the potential customer comes to you (whatever the way) he doesn't see you as someone interested, he doesn't trust you as quickly as possible.

In this case, it is the prospect who comes to you quite naturally because he is curious and interested in your product. You have to use this advantage to draw your pitch as naturally as possible so that he does not even realize that you are trying to sell him the product.

It's an old-fashioned technique that is widely used in network marketing. Using the prospect's hook in this way makes it much easier for them to take action if the marketing that follows is working as it should.

rd technical persuasion: Make a great offer

When we buy something, endorphins (pleasure hormones) are released in our brains and give us this feeling of satisfaction. But, as a salesperson, think that increased customer enjoyment allows you to make them repeat customers because they will remember the satisfaction they got when they bought your product. So how do you increase this purchasing satisfaction?

Make the offer new and exceptional so that the prospect feels privileged and unique thanks to a nice reduction on the starting offer, for example, an identical product offered with the purchase of 2 products or even access to a sample of 'another product… The only limit to making this irresistible starter offer is your imagination.

the technique: Using its expertise

When you want to sell something, whether it is a physical or digital product, you can rely on your image, your expertise about this product, expertise which obviously must give the prospect confidence.

A person who is looking to buy a product will instinctively go to a brand, a person, or a business that they trust to make sure they are happy with it. What makes that person trust your product more than someone sold elsewhere?

Be visible, the prospect must see you often and have the impression of knowing you, of knowing what you (or your company) are doing and offering.

The positive representation that it makes of your company, brand, or person if you are in the infoprenariat. Indeed, a sympathetic and qualified person will inspire much more confidence than an unpleasant one, it seems obvious. The prospect will go much more easily to something or someone that attracts them, use this attraction!

If you put forward your brand image, your qualities, and especially if you give confidence To prospects, they'll come to shop for your product in preference to that of a person else.

the technical persuasion: To provide social proof

Human beings frequently want to be reassured with every decision (essential or not, for that matter) that they take. This is also the case when you want to buy something.

As a salesperson, You must supply. a guarantee that the customer will be happy with their purchase to make it easier for your prospect to take action. The entire environment of your product must be appealing to the eye (not just visually, we agree, but that's a definite advantage because what is beautiful is much more attractive). Providing social proof is a very powerful way of telling your prospect "my product is of quality and you will be completely satisfied with it".

There are different ways to demonstrate social proof of your product:

Number of Sales: You can show your prospect that so Several folks have already done so. purchased your product. Numbers often encourage buying if they are big but don't inspire much confidence if the product is not popular.

Visibility: There is no doubt that when a potential customer sees a product everywhere because it has been purchased countless times, it prompts them to take an interest in the product in question.

Satisfied Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Indeed, the most effective social proof and opinions from satisfied customers and the many testimonials from buyers who loved your product! People are more prone to buy when they are sure that they are making The ideal decision in buying something, especially if they have never tried it.

the technique persuasion: Propose a sample

Imagine this scene:

Your kids want a pet from you at all costs at home, and you go to a pet store to get an idea of ​​what you could potentially buy. Once there, you see different animals but you like a rabbit.

A salesperson from the pet store sees you hesitating and comes up to you asking you what you were looking for at the start not seeing that you are 100% determined to buy this rabbit, he makes an original proposal: "take it for a while. week at your place and after this past week, bring it back to us if it does not suit you ”.

Rather surprising, no? Who would bring back an animal that they had time to attach themselves to for a week at the store?

It is in this that is the strength to offer a part of a product or the product during a trial period. The prospect has time to get used to the product on the one hand, and on the contrary, the majority of people don't even bother to return it or ask for a refund out of sheer laziness, well obviously if the product suits them a minimum. Obviously, if the customer is not satisfied at all, he will do everything to get his money back.

the technique of persuasion offers to become an ambassador

Offering a customer to become an ambassador for your product is a strong argument in their purchasing decision. What does it mean to be a country's representative? is a satisfied consumer who promotes your goods to others who are more or less connected to him

He talks about it to people around him to make them buy too. Perhaps you will have offered him a discount valid on a future purchase of the same product, another of your products, or a commission on each sale made thanks to him (affiliation) whatever. The goal is for them to advertise your product while sharing their satisfaction.

This persuasion technique is quite powerful, it looks like word of mouth but paid. Customers are more motivated to persuade people to buy when they are satisfied, especially when they have some gain behind it.


There are numerous approaches to persuade someone to purchase your item, and the 7 persuasion techniques discussed here are obviously not the only ones.

It is vital to place yourself in your prospect's footwear to apprehend the psychology of purchasing your product specifications and to place all of the feasible strategies in the region to attain your very last goal, which is to sell.

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