How to earn 100 euros per day with Youtube?

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Recently bought by the giant Google, Youtube is experiencing unprecedented expansion.

The most famous video-sharing platform is not just for entertainment.

Some manage to derive substantial income from it.

So, how do you earn 100 euros every day on YouTube?

Here are the essential techniques to know!

The basics to earn 100 euros each day on YouTube

To hope to earn 100 € daily YouTube usage, you have to start by mastering a certain number of basics. Here are the essential first steps to profit from Youtube.

Be sincerely passionate

The first thing to understand if you want to earn $ 100 / day with Youtube, or more, is that money shouldn't be your first motivation. It might seem strange at first, but if You're preparing to launch a youtube channel just to make it a profitable business you will quickly throw in the towel.

Shooting videos and monetizing them takes a lot of work. Behind each post are hidden hours of work to write the script, shoot the images, edit them, or even make the thumbnail. Then comes the marketing part which also requires a significant personal investment. To top it off, the results are far from immediate.

If it is not the passion that guides you, you will not be able to maintain sufficient motivation to go to the end and succeed in earning 100 euros per day with YoutubeOn the other side, if you choose a topic that is cherished in your heart and that you enjoy doing, you will not be deterred by any challenge.

Have a quality Youtube channel

To be able to gain profit from your YouTube channel, it is essential to offer quality content, both in form and substance. The low quality of the content submitted on Youtube is one of the most well-known significant roadblocks to making money on the platform.

Above all, a video that is worthy of the term must deliver value to your audience. Its content should be useful or entertaining (both are even better). Your subject expertise must be genuine, and your sources must be trustworthy. Your script must be sharp and hard-hitting to hit its target.

Technically speaking, without having the latest HD camera, you should at least be able to provide a crisp picture and good sound quality. You must speak clearly and intelligibly with a rhythmic voice, otherwise, the viewing will become soporific. Finally, careful editing is essential for a successful video.

Take care of SEO

To earn 100 € / day with Youtube, your channel must be visible. As with a blog, it is therefore essential to look after your SEO. He is the one who will make it possible for Internet users to find you and for you to earn money.

To be on top of searches, the titles of all your videos should be optimized. The same goes for descriptions. If you do not know enough about writing, you can hire a web editor who can advise you on the choice of keywords and produce these texts for you.

Regularity is also one of the fundamentals of SEO. Post one or more videos every week. Go for a pace that you are sure to be able to hold in the long run. Better to post once a week for a year without stopping than to upload five videos every week for the first month, then stop for two weeks.

Unite your audience

You may find it on YouTube., Success is the secret is your audience. To make money you'll require to have people watching and loving what you are doing. And you have to make these viewers a united community of dedicated fans.

To achieve this, posting It's not enough to have good material. You have to create a bond with them, involve them and play the card of proximity. Respond to their comments, and their messages, address them directly in front of the camera, and heed their feedback to tailor what you offer to what they really want to see.

Show perseverance

The last fundamental point to earning 100 euros per day with Youtube: is perseverance. As with any business worth its salt, it takes a lot of work at the start, with little return. You will also probably try things that won't work.

Don't let yourself down. Analyze your mistakes to learn from them, correct what needs to be corrected, and keep trying until you are successful. The results will eventually follow.

Earn 100 € / day with Youtube: the techniques

Now that you know the essentials to succeed and YouTube can help you make money., here are several techniques to make money from your channel effectively.

Make product placement

One of the most popular profitable techniques for making money earned through your YouTube channel is product placement. The principle is simple: a brand asks you to shoot a video in which you use one of its products, preferably with positive feedback. In exchange, it offers you the product to test and pays you.

The amount depends on your notoriety and the expected commercial benefits. It can vary from a few tens to several hundred euros. To not You've lost your audience's trust, Make sure the thing you're marketing is of good quality and will benefit them. This strategy necessitates the development of a certain level of renown.

Sell ​​in affiliation

Affiliation is a great way to earn 100 € / day with Youtube, for however long you desire want practice it correctly. It's approximately selling a person else's product on the way to earn a fee at the sale. Training and subscription software are some of the most cost-effective items because their cost to manufacture is very low.

To sell successfully, don't make the mistake of only posting sales videos. You need to add value to your target market by providing them with free content. Likewise, to urge potential customers to purchase from you rather than from someone else elsewhere, offer them something extra. For instance, if you are a touting software, offer video training with tutorials for any purchase with your link.

Your own products can be sold.

Are you creative at heart? Do you've got any information that you need to share?  So use your Youtube channel to You can choose. to sell your own items. It could be digital training, e-books, music, or physical products like t-shirts or your own items.

The key to success is selling quality items, whether virtual or not. Target your audience well to offer them what corresponds to their needs and tastes. Look not just to make money, but to bring value to others. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular and effective ways to earn 100 € / day with Youtube.

Advertising, good or bad?

It's a raging debate on the web: is Adsense advertising a good or a bad way to monetize your channel? As much as to be clear, you will not be able to make a daily income of 100 euros through YouTube using this method, at least not at the beginning. On the contrary, it can supplement your income and allow you to reach this threshold by combining several techniques.

Using marketing and marketing to make cash isn't always a terrible concept in and of itself if you've got already been a success in constructing a robust following. To be eligible for the Google program, you must have at least 4,000 hours of viewing time and 1,000 subscribers to your videos during the previous calendar year. You must also own all of the content, including the soundtrack.

It is not advisable to monetize videos in which you sell products in this way, as it may displease Internet users and have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Donations, a compliment not to be overlooked

Donations are a way to make money with Youtube that is not talked about much on the net. However, many YouTubers use it. It is about inviting Internet users to donate an amount of their choice to encourage you and enables you to make it in good condition.

There are specialized platforms to enable you to gather the gratuities of your patrons. As with advertising, avoid soliciting donations if you are selling products. Those who follow you might think that you are trying to take advantage of them.

If you put these techniques to good use and show persistence, you can a daily wage of $100 with Youtube. To be successful, the key is to be passionate, to produce quality content, to succeed in uniting your audience, and to persevere.

If your channel is all about providing entertainment, advertising and fundraising are good ways to monetize it. If you're a salesperson at heart, head to affiliate or product sales instead. Finally, product placement can be used in either case.

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