How to earn money using Google Maps?

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They have been aware of the potential of new technologies to create novel activities for the past 10 years.

But some fundamentals get buried in this never-ending flood.

However, they provide a chance to see the formation of a fresh category of activity.

Among these, the emerging activities of Google Maps are promising, both in terms of potential customers and revenues.

Is it possible to profit from Google Maps?

It's possible to generate money with Google Maps and have a good time doing it. Indeed, it is a free service accessible to all Internet users. However, with a little imagination and thought, it is possible to turn it into a money-generating tool.

Concretely, Google Maps can allow web entrepreneurs to generate real income. If the beginnings are generally modest, with time and especially the reputation, it is possible to make a full-fledged activity. Some web entrepreneurs even manage to generate several thousand euros in turnover.

How does the money-making method for Google Maps work?

Making money using Google Maps isn't difficult. However, you need a fair amount of nerve to approach potential customers.

Remember, however, that like any money you are going to make on the web, you are required to report it. You must therefore also think about putting yourself in order vis-à-vis the law and adopting an adequate billing system.

Why does this system work?

At first glance, the contractors or craftsmen you choose have absolutely no interest in paying you for a job on Google MapsHowever, with a little persuasion, this system works. Here's why.

Today, it is essential to be on the net to obtain customers. In addition to being on the web, you have to be in a good position to grab the attention of future customers. Here is! But the right position on the Web requires some adjustments and sometimes a few sacrifices.

That's when you come in. Indeed, when we do a generic search to find a craftsman or a merchant in a particular city, we come across the Google Maps insert and its first few results. If the business or craftsman is not listed in their results, they are very unlikely to be contacted following a search.

It is therefore quite easy to be able to explain to your future prospect all the interest that there can be in finding yourself well ranked in the results of Google MapsYou must persuade him that this is necessary for the success of his company, he must make the necessary changes for a better ranking. And this is where you offer your services to relieve it of this time-consuming and boring task.

For you, this is a good deal, since, with the method, it is quite possible to make the first arrangements in just a few minutes.

What is the precise method for profiting from Google Maps?

Google Maps can help you make money. many dreams of it, but very few succeed. Indeed, it takes a minimum of organization to succeed in building a business that is both healthy and ethical. Follow the guide.

Step 1: Find the right targets

Before you jump right into your new business, you need to be able to choose your prospects correctly. No need to spend time canvassing for nothing. Here's how to do it.

First, you need to define trade and a sector. Be lucid and intelligent in the choice you are going to make. If you are not used to doing this type of work, choose an industry that you enjoy and have a good grasp of the lingo if you would want to make it a truly profitable activity. Also choose a region you know, usually your own. For starters, don't think too big and consider a small place like a village first. You will come to regions or departments later.

You type these 2 parameters in the Google search bar. At the top of the results page, you get a Google Maps with a few results listed just below. You click for more results.

The second step is to find the customers who will be potentially interested in your service offering. For this, and depending on the service you are going to offer, in the long term, there are possibilities:

-If you plan to present a one-shot without upselling afterward, you should choose the results for which customers have not claimed the Google Maps listing. You must choose, as a priority, the incomplete results or the address or telephone number is therefore missing. You then check that the website which is attached to the results is of good quality. Indeed, it will be difficult for you to convince a merchant or a craftsman of the relevance of your approach who has not already seen the value of a good website.

-If you plan to make iitsactivity at the distance, your approach will be different. Among the results displayed When using Google Maps, will have to choose the people who have not claimed their listing or who are poorly referenced. From page 2 or 3, there are a lot of providers in this case. Here, the presence of a quality website is not necessary.

When you've found enough providers who could potentially be interested in your service, you can get started. The first results are not always convincing. Frequently, you must follow up. customers up to 5 or 6 times before you actually get a response. So do not hesitate, after a certain time, to keep in touch with folks who have not replied to you. Likewise, do not be discouraged by the task. Many potential customers will indeed refuse your offer.

Once you are ready, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Make a tempting offer

Once you have chosen a suitable client, you need to make your offer. Yes, but what are you going to get?

Like any good marketer, you will proceed in 2 or 3 steps to get your prospect to buy increasingly expensive services. However, it should not be frightened at the base.

First, you will offer your prospect a very basic service. This one, very inexpensive, will have the interest of proving your reliability and your professionalism. You will therefore offer your (future) customers to validate their Google Maps files for them. Indeed, many professionals are not even aware of having such a file. As a result, they don't know what to do with it or how to use it. You will solve this problem for them.

You must therefore demonstrate, and this is very easy, to your prospect that he needs to have a well-referenced Google Maps listing. Before attacking SEO, it is necessary above all that it validates it. Indeed, without validation, Google can decide, at any time, that the service or the business no longer exists. The plug will therefore be purely and simply withdrawn.

To do this, nothing really complicated. Once you are on the form, It only takes a few clicks to get started. on the short sentence that prompts you to validate it. Then, of course, you check the name, telephone number, and e-mail address indicated on the form. Then you ask for proof of validation to be sent to your customer. Once he receives this proof, he knows you are a serious and honest provider.

On your side, if you want to bait a customer, don't charge too much for this simple and first little service. The majority of service providers limit themselves to a maximum of 25 or even 50 € per file. Since it only takes a few minutes, when you know how to use the service, it is quite easy to be profitable at this price.

Once you have demonstrated your reliability and honesty to your client, you can offer additional services to increase the bill, sometimes greatly. Read step 3 to discover all these additional services and the means to put them in place.

Step 3: Promote your upsell

Once you've baited your customer with your first cheap offer, it's time to get down to business.

Now your customer has a validated Google Maps listing. But, to reach the top of the ranking, some adjustments are necessary. You can, therefore, for a few tens or hundreds of euros depending on the service you are going to offer, offer your client to make the necessary adjustments for better SEO.

In this type of offer, you should basically include:

- an “SEO” reworking of the title and category of the sheet;

- add the link to a website;

- photos, and please not photos from an image bank like Pixabay which can be found on all sites, you need unique and meaningful photos;

-the addition of precise opening hours.

To increase your service, Possibly a wise move would be to add:

-the collection, sorting, and response to opinions left by Internet users;

-the establishment of links to directories;

-the establishment of links to social networks.

In many cases, your client is not going to have all of the necessary items on hand. You will therefore be able to price additional services to offer everything necessary to carry out a quality referencing:

- if your client does not have an Internet site, you can offer him the service for the construction of a showcase site, provided of course that you master the correct use of a CMS;

-If your client does not have an opinion, and this is very often the case, you can offer him a consultancy service to explain to him how he can obtain it;

-if your client has not registered his activity in one or more directories, you can offer to do so for him for remuneration;

-if your client does not have social networks, you can also offer to create accounts for him (if you have knowledge of community management, you can also offer to manage them for him).

Step 4: Sustain the system

Once you've proven your expertise to clients, it would be foolish to let them go. You have the option to create your own business sustainable by offering your customers recurring services, preferably with subscriptions.

This is to offer services related to e-reputation or web marketing. You can thus offer your customer to maintain his Google Maps file and in particular the sorting and the response of opinions, for a few tens of euros per month. If you feel so, you can also offer to add a blog to their site and provide them with the necessary articles to stay in Google's good graces.

Although it may seem strange, at first glance, it is quite possible to make money using Google Maps. With a little organization and resourcefulness, you can come to reap substantial benefits. However, do not believe that you should not work and that money falls out of the sky by itself. On Google Maps or elsewhere, you have to give of yourself to reap the fruits of your labor. 

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