Dropshipping: 15 profitable niches to get started

start a blog to earn money

E-trade has by no means been extra reachable than it's far now, way to drop shipping

However, when it comes to getting started, it's not always easy to know what to sell.

So, that will help you begin your business, right here is a different listing of 15 worthwhile niches! 

1-The kitchen

The revival of food shows demonstrates that cooking is still a lucrative specialty in 2019. Many inexperienced cooks seek the internet for the device or accessory that has gone missing from their kitchen gear.

You can sell kitchen items, appliances, or themed setsThese sets, which are used to prepare a given type of dish and contain all the essential equipment, as well as a dedicated cookbook is on the rise.


It has a major advantage: practically all kinds of desserts require dedicated accessories, which come in many variations. For pastry nozzles alone, for example, there are over 30 different tips!

The only rule to follow to succeed in this niche is to scrupulously watch over the quality of the products you sell. They are brought with food come into contact with, so you must ensure that they are completely harmless and solid, otherwise, you will collapse under the returns.


Despite the many restrictions on the use of these small flying machines, their popularity is not waning. It is therefore always a profitable niche to start. There are endless brands and models, depending on the audience you are targeting.

Latest innovation: drone selfies. As the name suggests, they allow their user to take a selfie with a stunning view as a backdrop. Enough to make the good old smartphone boom out of date for good!

4-Connected watches

Connected watches are one of the profitable niches whose interest continues over time. It must be said that the feats of which these real wrist computers are capable have enough to seduce in many areas.

Historical users of connected watches, and athletes will find what they are looking for in the wide range of devices that allow a multitude of parameters to be measured. But they are not the only ones. Worried parents will appreciate, for example, being able to track the movements of their offspring using a GPS watch. Geeks, for their part, will be delighted to find all the functions of a smartphone on their wrist.


Cats are one of the timeless profitable niches, as they have millions of enthusiasts around the world. To exploit it, we think above all of the bowls, baskets, and other accessories for the comfort of the cats. If this can be a good vein, provided you focus on quality, it is far from the only one.

You can also offer a whole range of items bearing the image of cats, to seduce lovers of these little felines. Clothing, fashion accessories, gadgets, the possibilities are almost endless!


Cats aren't the only pets that inspire passion. Dogs are not left out and constitute a very profitable niche for those who know in part. As for the tomcats, the possibilities of treatment for this theme are numerous.

You can choose to offer dog accessories and gear, or goodies aimed at the enthusiast, but that's not all. You can also choose to target a particular breed by offering a range of complementary products: specific accessories, specialized books, and goodies.


Childcare is a profitable niche that presents a very wide choice of products available. It's up to you to know how to take advantage of it by opening an attractive shop, which makes future parents want to come and spend their money with you.

Your products will be in contact with young children. You should therefore pay special attention to their quality. Selling low-cost products can have consequences that engage your liability if they have a proven negative impact on a toddler's health.

8-Cosmetics for the beard

You have probably not missed it: the beard is making a comeback. To take care of it properly, there is a large selection of cosmetics products. For oils, soaps, waxes, or even skin care creams, the choice is vast.

It is possible to find suppliers who allow you to resell their products under your own brand. Once again, bet on quality items to avoid possible allergic reactions.

9-feminine beauty

Female beauty is also always one of the profitable niches that can be exploited to get started. Magnetic false eyelashes and false nails are particularly popular.

Lightweight, easy to send, and affordable, they have everything to seduce fashion fans who are often tempted by an impulse buy if the marketing is there.


Underwear is an ideal profitable niche if you want to start a fashion shop. The reasons for this success are simple: it is an easy product to send, which can be declined in a wide range of models, and which does not need to be tried. It, therefore, has everything to appeal to both customers and sellers.
From the most traditional to the most daring, you are spoiled for choice in terms of models. Do you think that women are the only ones to give importance to their underwear? Think again! Men are also present in this buoyant market.


The gaming niche is profitable because of the large number of followers of video games, home consoles, and computers combined. If video games cannot be dropshipped, for accessories, however, there are no limits.

They are the ones who will make you earn money if you get started on this theme. Specialized mice, headphones, microphones, or even special gaming controllers, there is no shortage of products to satisfy enthusiasts!

12-The decoration

Interior design is a profitable niche, as many people value their interior. Choose fun gadgets that are instantly purchased and original products that stand out from the competition.

13-Weight loss

With the perpetual concern of women and men alike, in a society that places great importance on appearance, weight loss is still a profitable niche.

For the safety of consumers as well as yours, however, avoid fat burners and other miracle capsules of often dubious composition. Instead, bet on sculpting clothing, sheathing corsets or electric pulse bodybuilding belts, or even specialized books.


Bodybuilding is a very competitive niche but despite everything being profitable on the condition of betting on the right products and careful marketing. To give your shop maximum credibility, treat yourself to the services of influencers recognized in the world of fitness.

Instead of trying to target the pros, instead, open a shop that caters to the general public concerned with maintaining their body. This is an audience that is easier to convince. Bet on space-saving and easy-to-use devices, which are by far the most popular. You can complete your offer by offering suitable sports clothing.

15-Food supplements

The food supplement market is one of the most profitable nichesHowever, these are specific products, since they have to be consumed. It is therefore advisable to take the maximum of precautions when choosing your supplier. First, make sure that the products offered to comply with French and European regulations in this area. Avoid wholesalers based in Asia or India and favor those with good traceability.

You can choose to exploit the food supplements niche alone or to combine it with another theme. To support your product, a blog and effective marketing campaigns are welcome. While it is possible to generate significant income from dietary supplements, do not fall for the false advertising trap that does not work in the long run.

With these 15 profitable niche ideas, you've got all the cards in hand to find the right product to sell. Choose a topic that you know well, and the whole sales process will be easier. remember that in drop shipping, a lot of the marketing makes the difference. Now, don't hesitate any longer and take action: fortune favors the daring!

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