Dropshipping's top ten niches

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Dropshipping remains a promising business model.

One of the maximum essential factors of turning into a success is to discover a worthwhile niche.

But determining what works and what doesn't isn't always straightforward.

To help you here are exclusively our top 10 dropshipping niches!

1-Connected watches

The dropshipping niche that tops this top 10 is a sure bet that has held the upper hand for some time now: that of connected watches. This is not surprising given the ever-growing craze for connected objects.

In addition, the many possible variations for this product make it possible to reach different audiences. Athletes will be seduced by the models able to help them measure their heart rate, the distance covered or the number of calories burned. Mountaineering enthusiasts will opt for watches equipped with an altimeter. As for worried parents, they will be reassured to see a GPS on the wrist of their offspring.

The other advantage of connected watches for dropshipping is that they are small items, so they are easy to ship. The only requirement for your business to function is to check the quality of the products offered by your supplier. This sales method does not necessarily rhyme with poor quality and dissatisfied customers, on the contrary!


The drone market is also a niche of choice in dropshippingThe success of these small flying machines equipped with an onboard camera cannot be denied. And for good reason: in addition to the fun side of piloting, they allow you to take photos and videos that are difficult to achieve by any other means.

Here again, the range of products offered is very wide. From miniature gadgets to large-scale drones capable of flying at high altitudes, there is something for everyone and every budget. The last born of the family are also all the rage at the moment: it is about drone selfies. No need for extensive text explanation, it's all in the name.

As with any electronic product, you should go to a quality supplier. Well-targeted marketing with live videos will do the rest. Last detail: drones are subject to several use restrictions for security reasons. Forgetting to mention it on your site could have unfortunate consequences.

3-USB gadgets

USB gadgets come third in this top 10 of the best dropshipping nichesIf they are still popular with early geeks, they now appeal to a much larger audience. In question, is the great ease of use of USB technology with the arrival of plug-and-play.

There is a wide variety of choices. Starting with USB keys. No more small rectangles of colored plastic, they are found today in all shapes. The other accessories are not left out. Fans, cup warmers, but also a mini fridge or projector, the possibilities are almost endless.

You can choose to open a dedicated USB gadget shop or specialize in one or two types of gadgets. To promote this type of product, influencer videos are particularly effective.

4-Pastry accessories

The enthusiasm of the French for pastry making cannot be denied, as evidenced by the success of cookbooks and dedicated programs. The add-ons that make it feasible to make layer cakes, macaroons, and different cakes are a few of the exceptional niches in dropshipping.

Two commercial positions are possible. You can open a shop dedicated to these accessories by offering a wide range to appeal to a large number of pastry chefs. The number of sales will be higher, but the average basket is less important.

Another approach is to specialize in making a particular dessert. Favor those that require multiple accessories and enhance your range of products with specialized cookbooks. As your products come into contact with food, avoid the low end. Safety is an area that should never be overlooked.

5-Customizable products

In the list of the best dropshipping niches, we find customizable products. The print-on-demand system allows you to make all kinds of items unique to your customers. It may be clothes, mugs, or maybe ornamental gadgets and toys.

For the sake of efficiency, it is advisable to focus on a single family of products. It will be more difficult to advertise effectively if you sell t-shirts, key chains, mugs, and puzzles on the same site. In dropshipping more than in any other type of business, consistency of the proposed offer is essential.

Another possible approach for my niche of customizable products is to offer, always in print on demand, a certain number of patterns to the customer and also to offer him the possibility of using his own creations.

The main points to take into account to be successful in this dropshipping niche are the quality of the materials used and the longevity of the transfer. Order a few test samples to ensure the satisfaction of your future buyers.


Unicorns are considered to be one of the dropshipping niches that still have their place in the top 10. Instead of the passing fad announced by some, it is a real underlying trend that is emerging. Opening a shop in this subject matter is the guarantee of promoting products.

The advantage of unicorns is that they can be used endlessly. They adorn many decorative objects, household linen, or clothing when it is not jewelry. Plush toys and collectible figurines are also popular with young people.

Once again, the best technique is to limit yourself to a small number of products that form a cohesive whole. Not only is the marketing more effective this way, but the additional sales are also more numerous.

To stand out from the competition, choose original items in bright colors because a beautiful unicorn is a unicorn that is visible. To advertise this niche Instagram is the most suitable social network because of the very graphic mode of communication.

7-Men's shirts

In the second half of these top 10 dropshipping niches, we find men's shirts. This may sound amazing because there is nothing very sexy about her for a salesperson. This sector, which is often thought to be reserved for large ready-to-wear brands, is nevertheless a profitable niche.

And for good reason: the shirt is a basic, absolutely essential in the male wardrobe. It finds its place in the professional world as well as in that leisure. Although a suit with three pieces has long since ceased to be the norm, many employees are still required to wear a shirt in their workplace.

In the city, even if it was dethroned for a time by the polo shirt, it also remains a very popular garment for its casual chic side. With long or short sleeves, plain or patterned, black or colored, this is a garment that adapts to all trends.

Not very bulky and light, the men's shirt is an easy product to ship. The only potential pitfall is feedback related to size issues. To keep away from it, right here are a few easy tips. Limit yourself to products from one supplier, as fits and sizes often vary from retailer to retailer. Request an accurate size chart from your wholesaler and post it on your site. Finally, buy a copy of each size so you can tell your customers what measurements they actually correspond to.

8-The tuning

Here is a dropshipping niche whose potential is underestimated by some: tuning and auto parts. Like all passion activities, tuning brings together a large community whose members compete in ingenuity to make their vehicle unique. A purpose they may be inclined to spend lots on. To get the best deals possible, many followers are turning to the internet to buy what they need.

Many groups are dedicated to this hobby on social networks. The stars of the discipline willingly exhibit photos of their cars there, proof that the tuning market is doing well. Many blogs and specialized forums have also emerged. So many potential targets for your marketing campaigns.

Here again, the possibilities are numerous. You can specialize in just one type of accessory, or aim for a larger size to increase your average basket. To succeed in this niche, it is better to have a good knowledge of the theme. If necessary, get help from an enthusiast who will help you tame this universe.

When it comes to automotive equipment, safety must always come first. During the supplier research phase, ensure the quality of the parts purchased. Scrupulously check that they comply with European safety standards and avoid dubious manufacturers who slip away when providing the requested certificates.


Do you prefer underpants or underpants? Underwear is one of the dropshipping niches that are not very sexy in appearance but are still successful. Whether for lack of time, to have more choice or for the sake of discretion, many people buy their underwear on the web. A good way, for example, is to avoid the stunned gaze of the saleswoman who sees a man strolling through the women's underwear department, while the gentleman is simply looking for a gift for his wife.

The success of lingerie online concerns both men and women. You can therefore embark on any of these niches without fear. Large sizes are also an interesting market, as those affected often have a hard time finding what they are looking for in physical stores.

The main problem with dropshipping clothing is the inability of the customer to try on the items in question, which can lead to a high return rate. A problem that does not concern the small linen, is because it is about clothes that do not try on, in principle. So you have everything to gain by choosing this niche if you want to get into fashion.

10-Sporting goods

Last dropshipping niche in this top 10: sporting goods. Whether they practice as an amateur or in competition, many French people practice a sporting activity. A discipline that often turns into a real passion. Even sports that are easy to practice, such as swimming or running, require minimal equipment. This is what makes this market so strong.

Immediately abandon the idea of ​​opening a generalist sports shop. Faced with the presence of market giants, such as Decathlon or Go Sport, you have no chance of succeeding in existing. You have to specialize in a single activity, see for certain sports in a single type of accessories.

Preferably choose a sport that you know and already practice. It will be easier for you to identify the problems facing practitioners and provide them with a solution. If you sell equipment, avoid weight machines and, in general, bulky or too fragile products.

For your marketing, rely as much as possible on social networks and influencers. They are the ones who will give your store enough credibility to have the trust of Internet users. Make a strong first impression. if you have a long history of success capitalize on it to sell.

With this top ten dropshipping niche, you've already identified the type of goods that sells well. It's up to you to choose the one that inspires you the most to perfect your knowledge before you start. To stand out from other stores, you need to be creative and add value that is different from that of your competitors.

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