Top 15: the best businesses to start

start a blog to earn money

If you have a business person's soul and your dream of independence, 2020 is a good year, to begin with creating your company.

To help you see it clearly, here are the top 15 of the best businesses to start!

1-Sell in affiliation

Affiliate selling is unquestionably one of the most effective businesses to start online because it requires little start-up capital. If you start with the right techniques and provide enough work, it can be very profitable.

To make maximum sales, without risking losing your fans, you absolutely must offer quality products, which correspond to the needs and values ​​of those who follow you. Otherwise, your business is unlikely to last.

A solid approach for affiliate marketing success is to provide free material that is directly related to the product being sold. For example, if you own a partnership deal for software, offer a tutorial or mini video training on its use with each purchase.

2-Getting into e-commerce

E-commerce is considered one of the best businesses to launch on the Internet, for as long as one is aware of the fact that it is not a hobby, but a genuine business creation. Technical innovations such as dropshipping facilitate the opening of a shop. 

Above all, being successful in e-commerce requires a real love of sales and marketing. If you embark on the adventure because you have been promised that you could earn a salary by working 1 hour a day, without 1 € of capital to invest, you are on the wrong track. In contrast, the business is successful if you're ready to work hard, especially in the beginning, to teach yourself and have even a small amount of capital.

3-Open a digital strategy agency

Opening a digital strategy agency is the best business to launch if you are a social media and web marketing pro and have good interpersonal skills. The role of this type of company is to define the strategy adapted to each client to guarantee him the best visibility on the internet. The goal is also to help them manage their communication, especially on social media, while respecting the image and identity of the brand.

To find your agency, you need to have solid knowledge, especially in SEO and marketing. You must also be able to liaise with other web professionals, such as graphic designers or web editors, to ensure the part of your service that involves content creation.

One of the keys to success is to be able to bring together a team that brings together a variety of skills and profiles, to be able to meet as many requests as possible.


Do you have the expertise to share and are wondering if there is a way to monetize it? Know that consulting is among the most effective businesses to launch, as long as you are an educator. The transfer of skills is a very promising market.

The advantages of consulting are numerous. First, it requires a minimal initial financial commitment to get going. Then it is possible to apply it to all areas. Whether it is a sport, a specific skill, or a broader field like sustainable development, the possibilities are numerous.

The key for your business to be sustainable is to study the demand in your sector, provide quality advice and constantly train yourself to stay at the forefront of knowledge. A good dose of pedagogy, to know how to remain accessible and educate your customers is also necessary.

5-Create a subscription business

Subscription businesses have long been among the best businesses to startThey facilitate cash management by allowing a long-term vision and provide security by providing regular income. For your business to be a hit, you have to find the right service or the right product to sell in that form. Effective marketing will do the rest.

While lessons are an industry flagship product, software, applications, and online services lend themselves particularly well to subscriptions. Indeed, if your software is appreciated, you are guaranteed to have substantial and lasting income.

Of course, creating software such as Microsoft's Office suite or a platform like Clickfunnels requires advanced skills and substantial financial resources. But you can definitely make money with smaller programs. If you don't know how to code, you can even acquire a script already made and its resale rights on certain dedicated platforms.

6-Engage in service arbitration

If you have good marketing skills and good interpersonal skills, service arbitrage is among the best businesses to start with minimal investment. It is one of the oldest businesses, proof of its efficiency which does not weaken over time. Success lies in the fact that this activity can follow changes in society by adapting to a multitude of fields.

The principle is very simple: you buy a service from a service provider and you sell it to an interested customer, making a profit in the process. With the expansion of the internet and the significant need for content creation and other related services, arbitration still has a bright future.

To be successful in this business, you first need a good customer portfolio and effective marketing to maximize the perceived value of what you sell. So your buyers will be ready to pay a good price and you can earn a comfortable margin. You must also find providers at affordable prices, but without sacrificing quality, to remain credible.

7-Develop websites

Web development is THE business to start to make a large sum of money for individuals who have learned internet programming languages and the skill of graphic design. Every company, in fact, requires a website. In a few years, what was once only a plus has become an essential showcase for reaching new customers and retaining them. The demand in the web development market has never been greater.
Indeed, in addition to being aesthetic, a website must respect a certain number of standards, and be responsive and optimized for both SEO and user experience. The skills necessary for this are not within everyone's reach. Customers are therefore ready to put their hands in their wallets to afford the services of a developer capable of such work.

To stand out and break into this industry, your know-how and skills take precedence over your diplomas. This is one of the other advantages of this business: a gifted self-taught man can do as well as a graduate of a high school if his work is up to the task.

8-Create a MOOC or an e-learning site

The training and education sector is not immune to digitalization. Whether it is to take support classes, a new language to master, or acquire new skills, more and more people are choosing to take courses online. This trend was encouraged by the appearance of e-learning platforms and videoconferencing software.

If you have the knowledge to share, creating a MOOC or online training is a good business to start. In the first case, you give live distance lessons, for a registration fee. Depending on the field in which you teach, you can charge per lesson, imagine flat rate pricing, or charge for viewing the replay. Everything is possible. 

You don't have the soul of a teacher, but you know how to code? So take advantage of this market by creating an e-learning platform to host courses for those who already sell training! If your tool is well designed, the business can be just as profitable.

9-Sell copywriting services

For those who are comfortable with writing and marketing, copywriting is a very profitable business idea to launch. It is about writing promotional content for companies. These can be sales funnels, sales pages, or even brand storytelling or email marketing.

This type of content has a very high value because it is what allows companies to convert their prospects into customers. The prices are, consequently, much higher than those of traditional web writing. In addition, specialists in this type of writing are not as numerous as one might think.

10-Create a successful application

The mobile application market is an excellent source of ideas for starting a profitable business. Almost everyone uses it, and many are willing to pay for an app they find useful or fun.

Applications that make everyday life easier and those that touch on popular areas, such as sports betting, are the most popular. Once your app is created, you can choose to sell it, or set up a paid subscription system for its use.

11-Monetize your blog

Even if it is less easy to derive substantial income from it today than it was a few years ago, monetizing your blog is still a good business to start. Contrary to popular belief, no, blogging is not dead. It just evolved.
To make it a profitable activity, you simply need to understand its evolution, train yourself in the techniques that work today, and find a promising theme. You also need to be prepared to really invest in yourself. Stop believing those who promise you will make money by spending just 1 hour a day working and see your blog as a business in its own right.

12-Become a sports coach

It is not only on the internet that there are very good businesses to start. Many offline activities show promise and a sports coach is one of them. At a time when individuals have less and less time to go to sports indoors or in a club, personal coaches are more and more popular.

The flexibility of schedules and personalized teaching is attractive. It's up to you to know how to take advantage of it if you are good at a sport and like to pass on your knowledge. If you are caring, an educator, and know how to give your clients a good time, you will not run out of work!

13-Open a recycling center

Faced with the ecological emergency we are facing, activities around sustainable development are in high demand. With zero waste, second-hand buying and reusing objects is on the rise. If you have the capital to invest in your business, opening a recycling facility is a profitable idea.

These shops, dedicated to second-hand items, offer not only miscellaneous items, but also repair shops to extend the life of existing equipment. By calling on local associations, it is even possible to organize activities and create a real place to live.

14-Create a coworking space

Work practices are changing and there are more and more freelancers. In this context, creating a Coworking place is a company. the idea to launch. It does require, of course, a small starting capital, but it is much less than for other types of business.

To choose the right location, carefully study the existing supply market in your area. You should also create a welcoming place that offers services that self-employed workers need. Do not hesitate to partner with service providers to enrich your offer and stand out from the competition.

15-Open a bar on time

This business idea to launch is the last of the top 15 because it requires a significant down payment. However, its innovative concept, still little developed in France, is enjoying great success outside our borders.

The principle is simple: open a bar that does not charge for consumption, but for time spent. For example, for € 5 per hour, the customer can drink as much coffee, tea, and hot chocolate as they want. As it is rare to drink several liters of these drinks in this period, the operation remains profitable and the customer feels they are getting their money's worth.

If you wish, you may create your own company, these top 15 start-up business concepts should help you find the idea that suits you best, or whether the one you have been among the best. Whatever your choice, the most important thing is to invest 100% in your project and to build it with care.

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