How can I make money typing on a keyboard?

start a blog to earn money

Do you want to earn money and are you attempting to find a way to make the most of the time spent in front of your screen?

Note that keyboard addicts can blend business and pleasure to earn a few euros.

Your fingers are tapping impatiently on the keyboard, and you want to know how to make money typing.

Here are 7 tested techniques we've revealed particularly for you!

Put sponsored blog postings online

Writing sponsored posts is a great method to earn money typing while doing what you love if your blog has a strong following and decent visibility. This is how a lot of well-known bloggers monetize their websites.

The principle is simple. A brand related to your theme wants to promote its new service or product, to sell more. Your visibility interests her and she judges that the content of your blog is of quality.

She then contacts you to ask you to write a favorable article on the product, which she will send to you if necessary, for a fee.

The amount you can earn for a sponsored article depends on its size, but above all on your notoriety. The prices vary between a few tens and a few hundred euros. Some very important influencers manage to get paid thousands of euros for a ticket, but, as much as to say it right away, they are far from being a majority.

In addition to the remuneration received, there is the product that the brands send you, which you can keep or resell. Be careful, however, to those who would offer to pay you only in kind, the business is far from profitable for you in this case.

Writing for a living sponsored articles without risking losing your audience, it's important to follow a few rules. Only get high praise on products that you find genuinely good quality and have something to add to your audience. If you only write for the money, ignoring the people who follow you, you risk disappointing them and seeing your traffic drop quickly.

Become a web editor

Another very profitable solution to making money by typing is to become a web copywriter. The role of this word and internet professional is to provide businesses with the content they need for their online communication.

The advantage of this profession is that it is learned on the job. There is no web writing school yet. Training as a journalist is a plus, but it is far from essential a good web editor must, on the other hand, have a good knowledge of spelling and grammar, and enjoy writing on a variety of subjects.

He must also master the basic rules of web writing, as well as the main HTML tags used. The highest-paid copywriters are those who can deliver content that is optimized for SEO, which is Google's SEO algorithm. You will therefore have to learn optimized writing to earn as much money as possible.

A web editor is called upon to write a wide variety of content: blog posts, product sheets, category pages, video captions, and many more. If you are an expert in one or more themes, you can specialize. The curious by nature can, for their part, remain generalist by treating various subjects. The main thing is to always do your research carefully to give reliable information.

As a general rule, web copywriting services are billed per word. The more complex the work and the more experienced the writer, the higher the rate per word. If you are persistent, then you can succeed in making good sums of money.

Write e-books

Writing e-books is a great way to earn money by typing, as long as you take the industry's development into account. Note that we are talking about non-fiction here because digital books sell the best. If you are an expert in a field or have a strong experience that has enabled you to solve a problem to share, you can write one or more guides on the subject.

To sell your e-books, 2 solutions are available to you. The first is to go through Amazon's self-publishing program, called KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). It allows you to create e-books in epub format from your pdf text and then offer it for sale on Amazon.

The advantages of this method lie in its relative simplicity and in the large number of potential customers that the platform can bring. The downsides are the low percentage of the earnings you get, the low selling prices, and the lower sales today than in the past.

The other option requires more work but can turn out to be much more lucrative if done well. It is about creating a blog on the theme of your e-book and regularly supplementing it with quality content to acquire an audience.

Once you have established a community of readers, you can use your blog to sell them your book. The selling price is higher than on Amazon and what percentage of the earnings that remain in your pocket is more important because the expenses associated with creating a digital book are low.

If the sale of e-books generates less income today than in the past, it is still an interesting solution to make money by typing, because you can continue to sell them long after you have them. written. You gain passive income that can be combined with other cash inflows.

Be ready feather

This solution is similar to the previous one with one difference: you do not write digital books for yourself, but for others. Many bloggers and businesses have white papers. It even seems to have become essential when you want to do business on the web. But not all entrepreneurs have the time or the inspiration to write them on their own.

To overcome this problem, they appeal to a pen lender who writes the work for them. If you love to write, but don't feel like the stress of selling e-books, this activity can be interesting. With the expansion of business on the web, you will have no trouble finding customers.

Your clients give you all the sources you need to write their white papers and then pay you a sum that buys both the work and the copyright.

There is some good news. that you make money right away, usually between one and several hundred dollars. The bad news is that all rights to the work belong to your sponsor. It is signed with his name and it is he who collects the totality of each sale.
Become a remote data entry operator

Literary activities are not the only ones that allow you to make money by typing on the keyboard. In a much more down-to-earth register, you can become a remote data entry operator for one or more companies. This is a repetitive task and not a lot of fun, but it can save money.

The principle is simple: data processing is a crucial issue for companies and they need to be able to sort it before using it. The data entry operator's job, therefore, consists of entering raw data into Excel spreadsheets or into the interfaces of various operating support tools.

This type of work requires patience, great rigor, and a good command of the computer tool. The potential gains are not staggering, due to competition from countries in which the average salary does not exceed a few euros per hour. It is still possible to generate a small income with this method.

Beware, however, there are many ads for computer foreclosure that are scams. To avoid falling victim to it, be vigilant. If a company asks you to pay before you work, for whatever reason, run away! Also beware of those located abroad, beyond the reach of French jurisdiction in the event of a dispute. Rest assured, serious proposals exist and you will inevitably find them if this path interests you.

Provide after-sales service for an e-commerce site

Another possibility to earn money by typing on the keyboard, without writing articles or books, is to do the after-sales service for an e-commerce site. Indeed, if online stores have revolutionized our consumption patterns, they have a flaw that can slow down the act of purchasing: the absence of human contact.

When shopping in a real store, if you have a question or are hesitating between several products, you can always turn to a salesperson. But when you buy on the net, you are alone in front of your screen. You can always try your luck with Google, but it does not possess all of the answers, and searching for information takes time. However, most of the time, a customer who remains unanswered is a lost customer.

To remedy this problem, many websites pay independent operators to take care of the after-sales service remotely. Most often, communication with customers takes place by chat or email. You are paid for the number of conversations conducted or emails processed.

To carry out your assignments successfully, you must have time slots to offer, express yourself easily in writing, and know a minimum of the niche of the site for which you want to work. The goal is to give customers the best possible information, otherwise, they risk deserting the site. So better that you know what you are talking about.

Here again, the gains are not exceptional, but if you work regularly and are efficient, the accumulated sums can quickly rise and provide you with significant additional income.

Write paid reviews

Writing paid reviews is arguably the method of earning money by typing that pays the least, but it still deserves a quote. It is, as the name suggests, to write a positive or negative opinion on a product that you have tested, for a fee. There are 3 ways to do this: the first 2 are ethical and legal, and the last is morally very questionable.

To write paid reviews, you can join a testers club, the best known being that of the giant Amazon. You are selected to receive products for testing, on which you must write a detailed review. Remuneration requires, do not expect to get away with writing only a few sentences.

You must produce a text that is genuinely useful to other Internet users. This involves a detailed test, with supporting photos, if possible. You can also write reviews for cashback sites. They pay you for each verified comment.

Your earnings can take many forms. Some clubs and sites pay you in money that you can withdraw from your fund from a certain amount, by bank transfer or by Paypal. Others offer you gift vouchers or in-kind rewards, such as movie tickets. You also keep the tested product, which you are free to resell for more.

The last way to write paid reviews is more profitable but very unethical. Some brands or sites pay people to write positive reviews of their products, without them needing to actually test them.

The goal is simply to advertise in disguise and increase their sales. They are therefore prepared to pay for it. It is up to you to decide if this practice is by your conscience and if you would like to buy a product yourself on the grounds of a forged statement.

Now you know how to earn money by typing on the keyboard. It's up to you to choose the method that best suits your tastes, your natural abilities, and the time you want to devote to this activity. if you so desire to make more money, nothing prevents you from accumulating several. Now you all you have cards." hand, so get started!

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