How to become an influencer? 7 effective tips

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What is an influencer and how to become one?

A person who possesses the power to influence others is referred to as an influencer. of influencing the opinion of others through his charisma, his presence, his history, his status ...

In the digital world, thanks to new exhibition platforms such as social networks, websites, blogs, etc., an influencer can easily get his message across to other people.

He can motivate action or on the contrary slow it down by only using his communication on social networks.

Those who follow an influencer, the followers, are going to have a stronger desire to listen and follow the opinion of an influencer rather than another person. How do you think Kylie Jenner managed to rake in million dollar range? By developing a huge community around her and her brand on social networks!

The power of social media

Nowadays, a message can have a great reach through social media because it can be seen thousands or even millions of times and can be relayed just as many times. Its propagation can be exponential!

Influencers wouldn't be able to have the same visibility if it weren't for the rise of social media. The dynamic within them is growing. According to the algorithms of networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others, visibility increases according to the number of interactions they have in their posts or twitter compared to the number of followers.

This means that the more your followers interact with your publications, the more they are visible and therefore mark your notoriety and expertise in your field.

A person recognized in their field on social networks becomes a de facto influencer, which is a boon for companies who want to take advantage of someone's notoriety to spread their own image and advertise their products or services.

But it is also very important when you want to sell your own products or services via social networks. Using your image to develop a brand and then be able to sell products is among the most powerful strategies in marketing today.

Thus was born the need to create digital strategies via influencers on social networks to promote a website, bring it qualified traffic, and thus be able to achieve more sales of a product or service.

However, just being famous or recognized is not enough to have good interactions with followers of every social network. The questions addressed in each of the networks are the very essence of what will establish mutual trust with the followers. This is why certain “niches” are more easily exploited compared to others, such as sports, fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, etc. even if obviously all areas can benefit from Facebook or Instagram for example.

Achievement on social media doesn't necessarily depend on fame, but on the type of content that is posted or shared. This is what has led different people to make themselves known on all or part of these networks. This reflects the importance of having up-to-date information, and a variety of images and videos that can turn content into viral content and thereby attract more followers.

So how do you get enough clout to be able to assert on social media that you would be a major asset for your own business but also for others? How to build a good reputation and get more followers on social networks?

The 7 tips for becoming an influencer

Language is very important: it is necessary to express yourself simply, adopting the vocabulary used by your target and corresponding to your theme. Your followers need to be able to identify with you and what you represent.

This helps them feel closer to you and will make them want to share with you in return and therefore interact with your posts. Remember that interaction is important in social networks! And, the essential thing on your various accounts: spelling! Good spelling is extremely important, it gives you the extra distinction.

Make yourself distinct from the crowd.

Study the competition to determine what works for them. What type of content does it publish? What subjects does it cover? In what format? You have to study the form as well as the substance! The two aspects go hand in hand.

Your content should appear unique to your audience, they should feel special to you. It is essential that the content you publish interests your target but that in addition, they want to like, comment and share. Your audience must think that your content is quality and above all unique!

Establish communication goals

It is more than necessary to be clear on what you want to achieve through social media. Having one or more objectives to achieve allows you to better prepare the content you are going to distribute and in which direction you want to go with your community.

It's critical to understand whether to share anecdotes, personal experiences, information, tips, or solutions to minor problems related to your theme ... or on the contrary to focus more on various subjects to generate conversations. or simply project professionally to build a reputation by showing knowledge and expertise in your field.

All this must be done upstream so that your audience is qualified and interacts with your publications so that they are visible as much as possible to the greatest number of people.

Have a clear target audience

From the start, it is necessary to know what type of community you want to create to achieve your goals, whether it is to sell a product or a service, to establish yourself as an expert or a thought leader in certain subjects. ...

When you know why you are building a community around you, it is important to know who you are targeting. Knowing your customer avatar to monetize your influence later is essential in the sales process. If you're targeting right from the start, prospects will turn out to be customers much more easily than if you cast a wide net.

The more you target, the higher your conversion rate will be. Identify the people you want to attract to your community. Once that is done, it will be easier for you to know how to attract them to you.

Publish permanently

This is not about saturating networks with unnecessary content or at all times of the day just to show that you are there. No! It is important to be regular in your posts. If you decide to share content once or twice a day, you'll have to stick with it.

It still has to be relevant! Some decide to publish several times a day, others thrice every week, and still others only on weekends; it all depends on your theme and your target.

It is after you have researched your target, established a communication strategy, and know exactly what you want to go towards that it will be important to know when to share with your community. When is the most available to view your posts? Is this the time to talk about this or that subject?… Ask yourself all these questions so as not to be mistaken about the relevance of your shares.

Share posts from other profiles

It can be very interesting to add weight to your own speech than to share the content of other people, other influencers. Share content that is obviously on the same theme as you, but which is of interest to YOUR audience.

It can also be in partnership with the influencer in question who will offer you affiliation on his products if you communicate on it. This is another way to monetize your influence. But besides monetization, it can give more impact to your content, and it can confirm the veracity and importance of your content.

Interact with your followers to build relationships

Providing quality content is important as well as everything you've seen before. But there is one essential thing, and that is giving of yourself and sharing with your community. Answer their questions, and their comments, and participate in the interaction on your publications.

Your audience will feel they exist in your eyes and know that they are important to you. The exchange with your community is very important, if You have the chance to offer them a meeting do not hesitate a single second, do it! You need a fair return on investment for your followers, they will only be more active for you by continuing to interact on your networks!

in the 2019 first quarter, in France alone, the number of individuals who are now online on Facebook was 35 million, 19 million active users on Youtube, 17 million on Instagram, 13 million on Snapchat, and 10.3 million on Twitter. We understand better the power of dissemination and visibility thanks to these figures.

Becoming an influencer in the digital world can be learned, worked on, and applied. But you also need the qualities of an influential person. Who are you following? Whether on the web or in life? What type of person attracts you, and inspires you? Ask yourself these questions so you can apply them to yourself!

Human beings like to identify with one another to be able to comprehend themselves. What qualities do you need to have and develop for people who want to follow you naturally? Here are a few applicable in life and on the internet.

Excel at speaking in front of a group.

It's about knowing how to get the attention of someone who is listening to you without sounding prepared, but rather by being natural.

Have the ability to make the mundane interesting: An influencer can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary by highlighting the best of every situation.

Be Sociable, know how to interact with people: Influential People know how to get along naturally with people and have the ability to make anyone they talk to feel special, interesting and important.

Be Passionate: Being so passionate about something that you spread your enthusiasm to everyone around you is the only way to make a difference in a community.

Be positive: Who wants to follow someone negative? When a situation changes, it is easy to see the negative, but people with the ability to influence take advantage of these opportunities to broaden their reach by taking advantage of any situation. Moving forward is easier when you notice the half-full glass

Be persuasive: If a person sees themselves as an influencer but cannot convince their followers to buy their book, or product, go to their seminar, or take the action they are calling for, then he's not really an influencer. The key is to convince and convert.

Self-confidence: The one who does not take risks does not win. Believing in yourself is the key to achieving a higher influence ratio.

Be resilient: An influencer can any situation and comes out of any complicated situation empowered by achieving a state of professional and personal excellence.

Understand the power of reciprocity: Someone influential does their job ethically and builds trust around the message they seek to spread.

Here are some of the balls to become an influencer, whether in your professional or personal environment. It's a whole new “job” on the web that can be extremely profitable when you do it right. Invest in your community, no “fake attitude”, be honest, be yourself and your audience will reward you!

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