Top 50 ranking of the best MLM companies 2022

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MLM multi-stage advertising is a thriving industry. with several options. While this business model predates the internet, its presence has boosted the number of ways to make money.

If you want to know which organizations are profitable before you join one, here are the top 50 greatest multilevel marketing companies of the year! What factors does this top 50 MLM company consider? Knowing this information will help you comprehend this list of the finest MLM firms on what criteria it was established.

Our top takes into account the company's dollar turnover worldwide.

This explains why some companies in difficulty in France are still well classified because they perform well in other countries.

1-Amway MLM Companies

This American giant works in the sector of health and well-being. It is also present in the home produce market.
This MLM company is one of those established in France, where it has many affiliates.

2-Avon Products

In second place in this ranking, we find the American company Avon Products. Despite a decline in the performance of around 3%, it still achieves a turnover of 5.571 billion dollars. A good performance which allowed him to climb to second place on the podium.

The company is positioned in the cosmetics, perfume, and fashion accessories sectors. So many profitable niches that lend themselves particularly well to the MLM model.


On the last step of the podium, we find the giant Herbalife. The business made a meteoric increase of 11%, with a turnover of 4.9 billion dollars. Herbalife ranks number 1 in dietary supplements in many countries.

The quality and reputation of its products allow the American company to hope to continue its momentum. 


Infinitus is in fourth place, with a 5% increase in turnover. Accounts closed with a balance of $ 4.1 billion. This company, which is not well-known in France, specializes in the sale of nutrition and health-related items.

5-Natura Cosmeticos

Just behind, with a turnover equivalent to 3.370 billion dollars, Natura Cosmeticos recorded an increase of 5% in one year. A good performance for this firm which operates in the cosmetic products market.


In the sixth position, Vorwerk managed to achieve a turnover of 3.082 billion dollars despite a gloomy year for the company. Indeed, it suffered a 4 percent reduction in comparison compared to the prior year. Vorwerk is positioned in the home and household appliance sector.

7-Mary Kay

In the series of performance declines, we can cite that of Mary Kay, which still manages to climb to the seventh position despite a drop of 8%. The business that specialized in cosmetics and beauty care still has a turnover of 3 billion dollars.

8-Nu Skin

Conversely, we can note the good growth of Nu Skin whose turnover jumped 18% to reach $ 2.680 billion. A performance that propels her to eighth place in the standings. The company specializes in skincare and cosmetics.

9-Forever Living

In the penultimate place of the top 10, we find Forever Living, with a turnover of 2.5 billion dollars. The firm suffered a 4 percent reduction in comparison to its previous score. It is positioned on the market for aloe vera products and natural supplements. It is found on the French market.


Last Top 10 MLM Company: Coway, with $ 2.15 billion in revenue. An honorable performance, despite an 8% decline recorded over the year.


In the eleventh position of our top 50 MLM companies is Melaleuca which totals $ 2.12 billion in sales. It shows a strong decline of -32% over the year. The company sells products related to the field of wellness.


In twelfth position is one of the most famous MLM companies in the industry. It is the giant Tupperware, which posts 2.07 billion dollars in turnover and a fine increase of 13% in one year. The company, which is no longer presented, is present in many countries, including France. It remains one of the sure values ​​of MLM.

13-Perfect China

The thirteenth place goes to PerfectChina, with $ 2 billion. An advance of 27% for this company specializing in cosmetics.


Just behind with $ 1.937 Billion and an annual increase of 3% Primerica est société de MLM which operates in the market of and productsfinanciers present in the French market stands out in its field

15-Young Living

In the fifteenth position, Young Living has a stable growth with a turnover of 1.9 billion dollars. Young Living specializes in essential oils, natural products, and alternative medicine.

16-Do Terra

The sixteenth place goes to Do Terra which achieves 1.7 billion dollars in turnover. A performance marked by a small increase of only 1%. It is positioned in the essential oils sector.

17-JoyMain Int.

JoyMain Int takes the next place with a turnover of 1.58 billion dollars. If it does not register any progress for this year, it remains stable, unlike other companies in the sector. It is present in the nutrition and well-being market.


Oriflame takes eighteenth place with $ 1.55 billion in revenue. A performance that represents an increase of 12%, which is far from negligible. It belongs to the list of MLM companies in the cosmetics field.

19-Rodan and Fields

Rodan and Fields are closely behind Oriflame, with $ 1.5 billion in revenue. Contrary to famous assumption alternatively this discern marks a substantial lower with 9% much less than ultimate 12 months her favored area of interest is pores and skin care

20-young people

In the twentieth position, the company MLM youth has 30% this year with a turnover of 46 billion dollars this company has chosen skincare to develop


the twenty-first shop has one turnover of $ 1 billionA figure which still represents an increase of 13% over the year. Stanhope is positioned in the fields of my beauty and health.


With a very close performance, Futurenet took twenty-second place. On the number side: $ 1.3 billion and a growth of 14%. This original MLM company aims to find a place in the social media market. A rather original approach that seems, for the moment, crowned with success.

23-Ambit Energy

In the twenty-third position, Ambit Energy posted a turnover of 1.3 billion dollars. A performance, since the company succeeded in increasing its revenues by 2% this year. It is the energy sector that the company has chosen to tackle with offers for the supply of gas and electricity.

24-DXN Global

The next place in this top 50 goes to MLM DXN Global. This specialist in food supplements saw its turnover grow by 3%, to 1.25 billion dollars this year.


Here we are at half of our ranking and it is a complex issue.MLM company holds the twenty-fifth place. Indeed, the American company Pola is present in the cosmetics sector, but also in beauty, food supplements, nutrition, well-being, and perfume. This versatility allows it to achieve a turnover of 1.24 billion dollars, which represents a decrease of 10% compared to the previous year.

26-O Boticario

Just behind Pola with $ 1.23 billion, O Boticario is up 14% this year. Cosmetics and perfumes are the specialties of the company attempting to get into the French market.

27-New Era Health

Twenty-seventh in the ranking, New Era Health ended the year with a turnover of 1.2 billion dollars, which is 2% more than the prior fiscal year. His dominion was over the market for health-related products.


The twenty-eighth place is held by next-generation nutrition specialist USANA. The company sees its revenues increase by 10% this year, with a turnover of 1.189 billion dollars. USANA is present in the French market.


Belcorp, which poses as a specialist in women's beauty products, has sales of $ 1.16 billion. A growth of 6% allows it to grab the twenty-ninth position.

30-Team Beach Body

Thirtieth of this top 50: the MLM Team Beach Body business. With a remarkable 45% increase, the company achieves a performance that deserves to be highlighted. It proudly displays sales of $ 1.1 billion.

31-Telecom Plus

Let's continue with the thirty-first place occupied by TelecomPlus. Here again, we can underline the good performance of the company, for which the turnover of 1.09 billion dollars represents a surge of 25%. Telecom Plus is present in the telephony market, providing Internet access, but also electricity and gas.


In the thirty-second position, SeneGence signs a neutral balance sheet this year with a turnover of 1.015 billion dollars. Its niche: cosmetics with make-up and skin care.


We find the MLM company Econet with revenue of 1 billion and growth of 2%. The company's ambition is to revolutionize the world of marketing, more particularly on the web. A major project that she intends to develop in part thanks to the French-speaking markets.


If Longrich achieves the same turnover, it ranks behind Lyconet, because it represents for this MLM company a decline of 7% for the year.

Longrich ven principalment cosmètics products personals, but also jewelry and shoes. It also wants to break into the field of energy supply.

35-Yanbal International

The first MLM company in this top 50 that achieves less than $ 1 billion in turnover: is Yanbal International, with $ 994,000 million. This figure still represents an improvement of 2% for this company specializing in jewelry and beauty products.


In the thirty-sixth position, we find the company Isagenix, which achieves 890,000 million dollars in sales. It suffered a decline of 7% compared to the previous year. Isagenix is ​​positioned in the field of food supplements and products intended for health.

37-Market America

Just behind, in the thirty-seventh place, Market America has a turnover of 837,000 million dollars, an increase of 2%.

38-PM International

PM-International takes thirty-eighth place with a turnover of 834,000 million dollars. If this result may seem modest, it still represents an increase of 32% in one year! PM-International markets products for weight loss, such as meal replacements and diet foods.

39-Stream Energy

Thirty-ninth of our top 50 MLM companies, Stream Energy has sales of $ 800,000 million, 9% better than the previous year. The company is present in the energy and home protection market.


In the fortieth place is the MLM company LuLaRoe. It suffered a stinging setback with a 50% drop in turnover, reduced to $ 750,000 million for the year.


We are now entering the bottom 10 spots of this top 50 MLM business. In the 41st position with 750,000 million dollars in turnover, we find the company ACN. This company, which has a strong presence in the French market, works in the energy supply and telephony sector.


With an equivalent turnover, Shaklee is found in forty-second place. The company, which markets products related to health, suffered a loss of 12% over the year.

43-National Team

Team National, meanwhile, closed its accounts with a turnover of 734,000 million dollars, which represents a 2% increase. Team National is a specialist in savings products.


In forty-fourth place, MLM Quanjian has a turnover of 700,000 million dollars. This still represents an 11% drop over the year for this specialist in natural medicine products.

45-Juice More

Juice Plus, known for its fruit and vegetable-based dietary supplements, ranks forty-fifth with $ 680,000 million in sales. The result is down 7% compared to its previous performance. Juice Plus is present on the French market.

46-It Works! Global

Just behind, we find the MLM It Works! Global, which has a turnover of 600,000 million dollars. A year marked by a decline of 14% for this specialist in slimming patches.


In the forty-seventh position, Yofoto achieved identical revenue and an almost equally steep setback, with earnings falling 12% for the year. Yofoto markets products related to health and traditional Chinese medicine.

48-Amore Pacific

For its part, Amore Pacific finished in forty-eighth position with a turnover of 600,000 million dollars. The company loses 7% of revenue compared to the previous year. Amore Pacific is active in the field of skincare products.

49-Arbonne International

The penultimate MLM company in our ranking: is Arbonne International with $ 544,000 million in sales. A decrease of 2% this year for this specialist in beauty products.

50-Hinode Cosméticos

Here we are at the end of our top 50 MLM businesses. In last place is the company Hinode Cosméticos, with a turnover of 528,000 million dollars. A performance that remains stable compared to the previous year. As the name suggests, the company derives most of its income from the sale of cosmetic products.

What are you able to learn from this list of the highest fifty MLM companies?

A ranking is only of interest if you take the time to observe the results and learn useful lessons to develop your business.

The first thing that strikes you is the absence of French companies. If many companies are established with us, are not of French origin.

    • A masterful demonstration of the backwardness of our country in the field of MLM.
      Unsurprisingly, the leading figures in the industry come straight from the United States.

We also realize that successful companies all gravitate towards similar industries. Beauty products and cosmetics hold the upper hand, shoulder to shoulder with food supplements and health products.

This success can be explained by the great popularity of these products, their ease of storage, and their low logistics costs.

If their presence is still marginal, energy distribution and telephony also seem to have a future in the world of MLM.

By comparing the turnover and growth of MLM companies, we see that alongside the top 5 giants, some of which are losing ground, outsiders are performing well. The success of an MLM business, therefore, does not only depend on its size. It is possible to do well with smaller companies, as long as they are dynamic.

MLM Giant Or Outsider: Which MLM Business To Join To Succeed?

The question of whether it is better to rally a top 5 company, or on the contrary to bet on a rising star often comes up when choosing an MLM company. There is no absolute answer. In reality, Everything depends on your profile and what you are looking for.

If you are new to MLM and need training, joining a big name is a good choice. They enjoy much better supervision, offer comprehensive training to their partners, and help those who are starting out. In return for this security, the remuneration policy is often less attractive than in smaller structures.

Are you an old MLM backpacker and like a challenge? In this case, choosing an outsider is a very stimulating option. Much remains to be created in such networks, and development opportunities can arise quickly. The remuneration policy is often attractive to attract new members. On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that this bet remains risky. Many MLM businesses close within 5 years of being established.

This list of the top 50 multilevel marketing companies includes, ranked according to their turnover on a global scale, is rich in lessons. If the big names in the sector keep their heads without surprise, it reveals that smaller companies are gaining momentum.

It's a safe bet that they will become heavyweights capable of competing with the biggest in a few years. If the cosmetics and health sectors are still the most popular, the supply of energy seems to have a bright future in the world of MLM. Finally, when it comes time to join a business, Your propensity toward taking risks and the amount of risk you're willing to take will aid you in making your decision.

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