How to sell your stuff online for free

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Summer is coming ! So it's time to clean up your house and make some money to enjoy the sun ! Word of mouth between friends or relatives can be a solution, but in an ultra-connected era, the most ideal solution is to go through our very dear internet. Several sites exist to make it easier for you to sell your business online . Discover in this article a selection of applications allowing you to sell quickly and easily. In addition to this, these applications can allow you to limit your movements in order to respect health and social distancing rules . On the program: momox , Vinted , Leboncoin ,Facebook Marketplace and eBay .

How to sell your stuff online for free


Created in 2004 in Berlin by Christian Wegner, a German then unemployed, Momox is now the specialist in the online purchase and sale of second-hand cultural items (books, CDs, DVDs, video games, etc.) With a population of around 250 million, items sold on its online store and on fifteen marketplaces: Amazon, Ebay... This giant with 312 million euros in turnover boasts the lowest prices offered on the the occasion. In France, the sale of second-hand books brought him 49 million euros in 2020, or nearly 90% of tricolor turnover.

If you are used to storing a lot of cultural products at home, momox is surely the solution for you. This application allows you to sell your stuff online by simply scanning their barcode. After each scan, the application will issue you the redemption price of the product. The big advantage of the service is that the application buys your products directly from you. That is to say that you simply have to scan everything, validate your sale with momox, send the products (costs borne by the application) and wait for the receipt of your package to get the money in your account. . A very good solution if you don't want to post ads on online sales sites and manage communication with potential buyers.

Whether on or on its app, the company imposes a minimum basket of sales of 10 euros. Following the receipt of your package, sent free of charge to Leipzig via a relay point or to La Poste, Momox checks the current state of your books and guarantees payment by bank transfer, within approximately one week. The purchase The price is set by a powerful algorithm and is recalculated every thirty minutes. “Customers generally get a higher price when they sell current titles ,” says CEO Heiner Kroke.If you regularly sell new items that are no longer used directly on the second-hand market, you will probably generate more money than if you sell items that have not been in demand for years, even on the second-hand market. new books” .


Vinted, a second-hand clothing sales app, is revolutionizing sales across Europe. The application, of Lithuanian origin, has enjoyed unlimited success, especially in France.

It is of Lithuanian origin, but has become essential in Europe and particularly in France, where 18 million users are registered. With nearly 300 million pieces available on its application, the Vinted application is a real success in France, which represents its largest market. The principle is simple: individuals can sell their second-hand clothes there or buy them at affordable prices. An ideal solution for small budgets.

If you are a compulsive clothing shopper, you probably know Vinted . Otherwise, here is the topo. This application allows you to quickly sell your clothes onlineTo do this, all you need to now is snap a photo. of one of your clothes or accessories, quickly describe the name of the product and set a price. Your second-hand clothing products will quickly make people happy. You will surely even find exceptional pieces for your wardrobe.

The good corner

How not to go through Leboncoin to sell your products onlineThe famous French site is the ideal tool to sell all types of productsOld furniture, a TV, decoration or even a cement mixer, treat yourself! Don't forget that Leboncoin is the leading classifieds site in France. This means that your products will have fairly good visibility. If you want to give yourself the best chance, on your side, options are even available to promote your product.

Facebook Maketplace

The famous social network also has its online sales platform: Marketplace . Available for a few years now,It's simple to sell to people directly from their profile. The process To market your goods is quite difficult. is very quick, all you need to is go to the  drop-down menu (three lines) of your Facebook application and click on Marketplace . A page will thus open with all the products offered on the platform near your location. To publish your own ad, you will have to click on the little man icon then on Create an adYou will then have to choose the type of product to sell and add information about it (photo, price, category, location, description, etc.).

To maximize your chances of selling, you can also post your ads on specialized Facebook groups in your area. This will allow you to reach even more people around you!


We all know it, but we probably neglect it a little too much these days. However, with its somewhat old-fashioned side, eBay still manages to make some individuals happy. Sales are always present so why not try your luck? This can, for example, allow you to give visibility to a product that you are struggling to sell. Don't be afraid to put everything in your advantage. by offering to sell your business online on several platforms.

Well, we can say that you now have everything You must sell on the internet for your goods or service. It is now about your personal affinities in order to choose the site that best suits you, and especially your products. So don't try to sell a piece of furniture on momox or Vinted ... Little advice, never be discouraged! A sale can take time. In order to put the best chance on your side, do not hesitate to estimate its price by looking at the selling price of other sellers as well as to offer its product on several sales platforms. We send our best wishes to everyone. 

If you have other online sales solutions that you would like us to recommend, please leave us a comment in this article.

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