A marketing project timeline template To Write Your Own

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Introducing Sample marketing project timeline template

The primary goal of this publication is to explain to you concretely how to write a marketing project timeline template for your company, your product, or your project.

Through this marketing project timeline template, you will be able to design and write the marketing plan for your business quickly and well.

Here are excerpts from A marketing project timeline template for a French SME specializing in the manufacture and marketing of car accessories.

This company markets its products and services mainly to spare parts dealers in France and Europe.

Based on the recent market research and analysis, the marketing managers of this company have designed and drafted the company's marketing plan for the year 2022.

For reasons of confidentiality, be aware that the very detailed elements of this A marketing project timeline template are not mentioned, such as the provisional budgets, the names of the managers concerned, and the execution schedule.

1. The general framework of the marketing plan

A reminder of the main strategic orientations of our company resulting from the strategic marketing project plan template 2020-2025:

  • Maintaining current market share to cope with the impacts of the dilemma of Covid 19 ;
  • New product introductions to tempt new customers and equip existing customers;
  • Prospect of new foreign markets (Spain and Italy);
  • Strengthen the competitive advantages of our company, in particular the quality of service superior to that of our competitors.

2. The marketing objectives strategy for 2022

Based on the main strategic orientations, the marketing department has set the following marketing goals for the coming year 2022:

  • Increase annual turnover by 2%;
  • The planned launch of five new products on the European market;
  • Reduce the customer complaint rate by 5%;
  • The upcoming opening of three new subsidiaries in Germany, one in Italy and one in Spain.

3. The axes of the 2022 marketing strategy

In terms of targeting, there will be no change in the marketing strategy. The company primarily targets resellers of spare parts and auto accessories.

For positioning, the company opts for a strategy of differentiation thanks to its innovative products, irreproachable quality of service, and very distinctive loyalty actions.

Offensive strategy: the company has several competitive advantages over its main competitors.

4. Marketing action plans planned for the year 2022: components of the marketing mix

To achieve the marketing objectives planned for the year 2022, the French company is considering the following marketing schedule for the year 2022:

4.1.Product policy

  • Strengthen the R&D (research and development) team with new recruits with high potential to design new products with high added value;
  • Eliminate products that have reached the decline phase;
  • Adapt the packaging of our products to the cultural and social specificities of new foreign markets.

4.2. Pricing policy

  • Skimming strategy, relatively high prices compared to the competition. Our strategy is justified by the distinctive quality of the company's products and services;
  • Payment terms between 30 and 45 days after delivery of each order;
  • Grant progressive discounts to loyal customers of the company.

4.3.Distribution policy

  • Keep the same usual distribution channels: independent resellers of auto parts and accessories;
  • Selective distribution strategy justified by the targeted customer segments and the positioning chosen by the company.

4.4.Communication policy

  • Increase the direct marketing budget by 30% in 2022 to further strengthen the company's relationships with its partner distributors through an offensive marketing schedules, such as participation in trade shows, fairs, and point-of-sale advertising actions (POS);
  • Enhance the visibility of our brands on social networks: Linkedin and Facebook;
  • Recruit an SEO expert (natural referencing) to improve the position of our website on the main search engines: Google and Bing;

4.5.Sales force policy

  • Planned recruitment of 8 sales representatives: 5 in France and 3 in Germany;
  • Consider four technical training seminars for the benefit of our sales representatives and two for managers;
  • Organize monthly competitions and challenges between sales representatives.


The marketing plan is defined as a marketing project plan template document outlining your company's short-term strategy in a well-defined market.

This document mentions, among other things, the annual marketing schedule, the provisional budget for each planned marketing schedule, and the elements of the marketing mix of your company's product and/or service.

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