How to digitally best electronic document signing on your phone without printing them

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A few years ago, when you had to seal a piece of paper, the only way was to print it, put our signature on it and then scan it so we could email it. But now with the huge advances that smartphone apps are making, it is possible to stamp our signature on any document just from our phone.

Advances in technology are focusing on all areas of life, even unexpected ones such as those of document signatures. The ease with which we can now deal with this kind of situation is enormous.

Now with digital signature, it is no longer necessary to perform many tasks, in addition to spending paper to sign the documents we receive, below we have collected for you the best electronic document signing  from your phone


DocuSign is probably the most popular application for the electronic signature of documents. The interface is very user-friendly and intuitive, so it will be very easy for us to use it.

By using this app, we can encrypt documents and not allow anyone to sign unless they know the PIN we have assigned, as well as allow third parties to sign for us by emailing the information to us.

It is compatible with PDFs, JPEGs, and PNG files, and is compatible with cloud services, as well as the full Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, etc.).

Adobe Fill & Sign

This is a free app that is compatible with Android and iOS, valid for signing documents without any kind of restrictions.

It has an easy-to-use interface and will allow us to create our signature by typing it with our finger on the phone screen. And the signature that we wrote will be the signature that appears on the remaining document unless we want to choose another, where you can save some of them.

The app can open PDF files, and images, or even take pictures with the camera. As you can see, it is a very complete application with various features.


Compared to many other apps, this one has an added edge in terms of privacy and security. It uses a highly secure encryption system, where it does not record the signature itself, bur grants a type of certificate to each user, using two-step authentication.

But regardless of this encryption system, it is a very good tool for signing, because it is done simply and quickly. PrivyIP isn't as intuitive as the previous apps, but it's not bad in design, giving us basic powers of what we need.


This is one of the best electronic document signings we have right now, as it allows us to sign documents simply and even send them for others to sign.

SignEasy can work with iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android devices. Unfortunately, the app is not free, but your first signatures can be done for free.

It can work with Word and Excel documents and images or PDF, JPG, PNG, TiF, and many more. You can store signed documents on cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and more.

It has an application for both Android and iOS operating systems.


With DottedSign we can sign with a single click on the screen, where we can store and select a large number of signatures easily.

It has a very efficient search system, we can improve the signature with the tools they put at our disposal and even allow us to manage it so that many users can sign certain documents we say.

Documents can be imported from our phone or from a cloud service, so it also gives us good options.

JetSign Signature App

getting the Signature app is available on both Android and iOSIt is another best electronic document signing that we want.

The interface of the application is exquisite and very beautiful, but at the same time, it is much more intuitive than it seems at first. You can add our signature and such details as the date or other pre-configured data that may be of interest to us.

One or more documents can be added Word (doc/Docx), Pages, PDF, HTML, RTF, WordPerfect, pictures, and 15 additional file formats can all be opened simultaneously. We can also protect documents in the cloud with AES-256 encryption.

With all these applications, we will be able to sign all the necessary documents quickly, easily, securely, and legally. It is no longer necessary to print it and we can do it anytime and anywhere.

We just need our phone and one of these apps. It is ultimately up to you which of them you prefer most.

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