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To complement our explanations about ways and methods of profit from the Internet, we will talk this time about how to take advantage of the global Wikipedia site to make money. And that through ways say what is being thought.

In our blog (our site) we provide a set of different explanations about methods of profit from the Internet through applications, sites, and social networks this time it was Wikipedia's turn.
What is Wikipedia? And what are the things that will enable us to collect money from it?
(It should be noted that we said the ways that will help us in making money, that is, they will have a role in that, and we do not mean that you will enter Wikipedia to earn money directly from it).

Making money off of Wikipedia

What is Wikipedia?

Since I am known does not need to be defined, Wikipedia is a huge multilingual online encyclopedia, containing millions of articles and explanations in many fields and fields.

Wikipedia is based on contributions from volunteers around the world who can write or edit their own opinion on any topic (with the supervision of people who can accept or reject the article or edit submitted).

So what does what these contributors write have to do with profit from the Internet? Knowing that they do not publish about ways to profit from the Internet (but they define some sites that workers can profit from).

Is Wikipedia a source of income?

As we said before, we will not explain how to profit from Wikipedia, but how Wikipedia will help you to earn money or increase your profits.

Making money with Wikipedia

General information

By browsing a Wikipedia article, you will find that they provide a lot of information in the form of a written article and images with other attachments sometimes. Within this article, there are several links related to this article (in blue). And when you scroll on it, another topic appears to you related to the article you are browsing.

When you click on one of these links, you will be taken to another article.
So how will this help me make money? Here we got the answer you are looking for. To answer it, we will define a field and show how wikis will help you in profit or increase profits.

Blogging field

Many people make or profit from blogging. Since they define a specialty before starting, they will then need ideas to write about. Or even finding keywords that will help them improve their SEO and rank their article online. They need to master their blogging business to get profits from their efforts.

Here Wikipedia will help them find ideas and keywords.

Example: Suppose I am writing articles for my blog about trading, if you access the day trading article and quickly start browsing it. I will see words or phrases related to trading, especially written in blue (link).

Among the words, you will find are stocks, speculation, financial instruments, fast trading, stock exchange, stock market, and e-commerce. They are words related to the trading niche.

Here, I can either turn them into ideas for new articles, or include them within my articles to improve my SEO and use words with a higher click value, and thus the possibility of increasing my earnings from ads.

Example 2: If I specialize in e-commerce (in my blog), I will find words such as buy-sell, consumer behavior, retail, B2B and C2C, and many more. And from them can workers several articles.

The same applies to many other fields. Also, following one of the links may help you find other ideas.

In short, Wikipedia will help you:
  • Find more ideas.
  • Find keywords.
  • Variety of terms, with the possibility of using words with a higher click value.
  • Learn how to write a good article.
And all That will assist you. increase your profits in the end.

Search for tags and keywords

In many areas such as e-commerce or print-on-demand, you need to write appropriate and good tags before publishing your product or design. This will help you rank well on the platform you are selling on or even be easy to find on the Internet. Thus, greater profits in the end.

In the same way as previously mentioned (blogging), the same can be done here.

Example: Let's say I'm going to upload a design or a T-shirt on the platform I'm working on, and in this T-shirt, I'm targeting coffee lovers.
When I enter Wikipedia and the Coffee article,  I find related words that I can write as tags or tags or enter them in the description as well.

Among these words: are coffee beans, espresso, caffeine, latte, and others.
Example 2: In the Basketball article, you will find words such as team, sport, players, and Basketball hoop.

It can basically help you write tags that you might be missing. In the field, if any brand or good field is issued, it means a high probability of obtaining greater sales and profits (taking into account that the product presented is good).

Searching for ideas

As mentioned before, you are capable of creating other ideas, about your field of work or something else. In this aspect, a good idea may bring you many benefits, the most important for us here is money.

Here are some of the ways wikis can be used to make money, although in any case, you can turn the knowledge gained from a field into a business to make money. What will give us other aspects of material profit from this encyclopedia?

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