Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Tamadoge… What future for coin memes?

You want to invest in cryptocurrencies, but between the different ecosystems, the different sub-sectors of cryptocurrency, and the greater or lesser exposure of some such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, it is very easy to get lost . 
In the market, meme coins represent a particular sub-sector, but one of the most successful. Originally intended as a joke, they enjoyed unexpected popularity and broke the $10 billion mark in value. Let's find out in this article what the meme coins are, what were the tops and what future for the different cryptocurrencies of this ecosystem. 

What is a coin meme?

Memes coins are digital currencies that have the initial purpose of making fun of the altcoins released after Bitcoin. It is a digital currency that draws its inspiration from jokes on the internet. It is characterized by great instability and is highly dependent on the community. The oldest coin meme is Dogecoin , which was founded in 2013. This coin meme has had a bright future and an unexpected rise, thanks in part to Tesla founder and Twitter owner Elon Musk who regularly promoted it. Specialists predict for the Dogecoin a position below $1 once the final2022, and a truly meteoric rise once the final 2023 and the beginning of 2024. The Dogecoin is currently hovering around $0.069. 

Due to the humor taken from the memes, these cryptos have tended to attract a lot of people, and drive up the value of the tokens in the market. In addition, this type of cryptocurrency has a huge amount of tokens, with very low prices. This allows you to acquire a large quantity without having to invest a lot. This operating system was unfortunately the cause of Shiba Inu's downfall. 

Top meme corners 

The coin meme market is dominated by Dogecoin and Shiba InuThese two cryptocurrencies have also adopted a breed of dog as their emblem, the Doge for one, the Shiba Inu, a dog particularly used in memes, for the other. If Shiba Inus are built on the blockchain of ethereum, the Dogecoin is based on the Dogechain. Shiba Inus were developed in 2020, so it is a young cryptocurrency. It was originally designed to counter Dogecoin, and the goal was to create a cryptocurrency at a low enough cost to be attractive and capitalize more than Dogecoin. This project, which was not intended to be a satire of the world of cryptocurrency, has now become a serious competitor on the market if we consider the soaring prices of Shiba Inu tokens (SHIB). The Shiba Inu price today is €0.000014 EUR having a volume of daily trading of €923,820,753 EUR.

Corner memes had a meteoric rise when they first arrived, but have seen a slowdown and even regression in recent months, and Shiba Inu in particular. Shiba suffers from the fact that many tokens are in circulation, that its holders have very little power of action, and the values ​​far exceed the scale of the project initially planned.

What future for meme coins?

There are many cryptocurrencies, and many cryptos in this particular ecosystem. We talked about Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, which are the best known, but there are many others. These two coin memes in particular have been experiencing slowdowns and regressions in recent weeks, but after an impressive rise in value, Shiba Inu has started to stabilize around a fairly narrow range, and is expected to consolidate after rising in value.

We can also talk about Dogecoin Killer (whose price reached €515.59 having a daily trade volume of €1,178,703), Yooshi (€0.00000013 having a daily trade volume of €634,077), CumRocket ( 0,€001918 having a daily trade volume of €33,873.97) or Dogecoin Mars (€0.00000031 having a daily trade volume of €2,909,044). New coin memes also seem to appear on the board, the Tamadoge or even the Big Eyes Coin. The first is an ERC20 token, still at the pre-sale stage, which reinvents the mode of presentation of a coin meme by adopting an innovative approach: it is based on the concept of coin memes, but also on Play type games. to Earn. This meme coin should not have the same problems as Shiba Inu, because it has a maximum reserve of 2 billion tokens. 

As opposed to that,, the goal of huge eyes coin expand the ecology of decentralized finance by attracting new investors and members as well as a huge and diverse community. Big Eyes Coin just like Tamadoge are fighting to surpass the current largest meme currency in cryptocurrency industry. 

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