The 8 best platforms to create a blog website for free

start a blog to earn money

To create your own blog website, you have two options: The first option is to create a website and host your blog there. 

The other option is to use a specialized blogging platform. In this article, we are going to list the best platforms that will allow you to start blogging for free today. 

So let's go!

1. WordPress

Launched in 2005, is a turnkey (CMS) for content management based on the free software 

WordPress is one of the most popular website builders

This means that if you have any questions, there's probably a wide variety of tips, tricks, and solutions you can find online. 

This platform is incredibly flexible and powerful. To create your own site, you need to purchase a domain, get web hosting, and create your WordPress account.

The main reason to use WordPress is its complete scalability. 

No matter what you want to build or how big your site is, WordPress can handle it. 

It has plugins and widgets for every need. And if you really want to, you can start modifying the code yourself. 

WordPress is open-source, which means you can do whatever you want with it. 

If you know PHP or are willing to hire a developer, you can modify WordPress however you want.

2. Wix

Wix is ​​one of the best blog builders for beginners thanks to its editing with drag and drop. 

They offer an easy way to create a new blog in minutes. 

In fact, they'll walk you through the process step-by-step if you need them. 

Wix also offers you hundreds of beautiful templates for any type of blog. 

Easily customize any webpage with their drag-and-drop editor. 

This means that no coding knowledge is required. 

Once you've selected your template, I suggest updating the font, colors, and logo to personalize your template and help it stand out from the rest.

If you want even more help, they offer a drop-and-move builder. 

The blog manager is also simple and intuitive, with built-in analytics and SEO features

It's easy to add the basic features you want on your blogs, like social tools, likes, comments, hashtags, categories, and subscription forms. 

You can save drafts or even give other contributors editing privileges for your site.

It's all as easy from a mobile device as it is from a desktop, no app is needed.

3. Medium

Medium has over 60 million users. 

These bloggers and content creators focus on creating niche content for readers to settle in and read. 

It's also where you'll find some of the most incendiary and thought-provoking content online. 

As such, their content has a higher virality ceiling and you can enjoy many communities of dedicated readers.

This makes it an ideal platform if you want to find and cultivate an audience of fans of your writing.

From personal experience, I know that when I read on Medium, I do so with curiosity and intention. 

I am willing to devote time to reading. 

It's also helpful that they give you an estimate of how long it will take you to read each article, as well as a built-in commenting system so you can immediately connect with the editor and other readers. 

Publishing with Medium is also very simple. There is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor that is crisp and white.

Basically, by typing, you see what the article will look like when published.

4. Blogger

Blogger is a pioneer in the field of blogging. 

Most old-school bloggers started using this platform over 20 years ago when it launched in 1999. 

But the great thing about Blogger is that it remains relevant for anyone looking to create a blog website. 

It's a free platform that eliminates any risk for beginners to jump in and start creating content right away. 

You get all the general features of a blogging platform, like adding images, post-to-post links, and more. But it's still a very minimal blogging platform, so it's easy for you to navigate and create.

Some of the best features are the capacity for making money from your content with Google AdSense and getting insights into the traffic that visits your posts with Google Analytics. 

So you can literally Create a free blog to earn money. from it and increase revenue determined by the information you find.

If you want to start blogging for free and earn extra money with Google AdSense, Blogger is a great choice to consider.

5. Tumblr

Tumblr is among the top platforms for starting conversations and being part of a community. 

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to express your thoughts, but don't want to run an entire website, Tumblr is a great option. 

And what makes Tumblr so innovative is how they put your blog post in front of their eyes so quickly. 

As this platform is all about social interactions, it is perfect for you if you want to be a blogger who cares more about content than making money from it.

New bloggers are quickly drawn to their posts thanks to the way Tumblr shares content.

Once you share your content on Tumblr, people can follow you and see your content on their feeds whenever you post something new. 

So it's a great choice if you like the simplicity of social media. It's never been easier to start conversations and discuss your posts with people. 

And building a community of followers who enjoy exactly what you post happens organically.

6. Write. as

Write. as is a great way to get your ideas published on the web without having to build a website. 

You can write short articles, long content, and everything in between. 

This platform is also a fantastic choice for anonymous writers. 

This platform allows you to blog without friction. It's easy to set up and you can publish your content quickly without having to go through intermediate steps.

If you have political views, ideas about your parent-teacher association, or just want to talk about anything that might affect your daily life because of your honest opinion, you've found the place for your voice. 

You have the freedom to go in the direction you want. 

Knowing that you have a blogger's secret identity gives you the ability to express your true thoughts that are stifled by fear of retaliation. 

Let your creativity flow on screen with the words you really want to say. Think of how many people would love to be able to write that way.

7. Ghost

Most people would love to turn their passion into income, and Ghost gives you a plan for doing just that. 

Turn your blog into an online business with the specific features that Ghost offers you. 

We love Ghost because it's so easy to generate revenue from your content by creating membership tiers and subscriptions for readers to access the premium content you develop. 

Additionally, subscribers access your exclusive content through special pages that you give members access to. 

Starting your blog this way is a great option for you if you are looking to make money blogging fast.

You can create a community with Ghost and build a deep connection with your audience, building a relationship with your readers.

Better connections help you discover what's really important to them and inspire you to create even more engaging content. 

If you know you want to start building a brand and want to grow your business around your blog, this is a great way to get some quick financial gains. 

And you can enjoy making money doing something you love.

8. Weebly

Weebly is another website builder that can be used to create a blog website, sell products, or showcase your portfolio. 

It is similar to Wix in that it has a drag-and-drop editor and a WYSIWYG editor. 

You may include a button.

To the page by dragging it onto the page and customizing it. 

Photo galleries, slideshows, and any other media element suffer from the same problem.

Weebly offers a wide range of features, including sidebars, media boxes, forms, ad spaces, social media icons, newsletter subscriptions, and much more.

Also, the platform includes built-in statistics and lets you use your own custom domain (which you have to pay for).

You get five custom pages, a 500 MB Weebly subdomain of storage, and ad placements with the free plan.

How to make a free and easy blog?

There are many free services today that make creating a blog easy. 

Among the most popular are Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr. 

These services offer pre-made blog templates, posting and comment management tools, and enough storage space to host your posts. T

o create a blog for nothing, all you must do is sign up with one of these services, choose a blog template, and start posting. 

Most of these services also offer apps for smartphones and tablets, so you can post from anywhere. 

If you want to add a professional dimension to your blog, it is also possible to create a website from these services.

What is the point of creating a blog?

The blog is an excellent communication and marketing tool. 

It allows you to easily distribute information and messages to your customers, inform them of your news, and build a close relationship with them. 

A blog is also a good way to advertise your company and develop your brand image.

What is the best site to create a blog website?

There is no better site than the others to create a blog website.

Different blog hosts offer tools and features that may work for some users, but there is no one-size-fits-all answer. 

The criteria to take into account to choose the right blogging platform are therefore multiple and depend on the needs of the user. 

Some will focus on ease of use, others on the number of features, customization possibilities, or even the quality of support.

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